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AIBU to think this is mean?

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5608Carrie Mon 23-May-16 14:06:48

A shocking piece of journalism with no regard for the innocent poor staff whom may loose their jobs and pensions?

BHS probe offers gripping business theatre
this[[ ]]

OurBlanche Mon 23-May-16 15:20:46

I think the writer is clearly showing a sense of disgust that people like the

former racing driver, twice-bankrupt yacht enthusiast with no retail experience and the straight-talking flamboyant billionaire retail tycoon and his glamorous Monaco-based wife

Can play silly buggers with 11,000 livelihoods and 20,000 pensions

That they have resorted to a very wry, satirical tone highlights just how little the former know or care about the latter!

The journalist, after all, has not caused any of this. What/how he writes cannot alter any of this. But maybe by making people it up and think he can help us be cured of this (to paraphrase).

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