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facebook "wisdom" that makes my teeth itch

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bigmouthstrikesagain Mon 23-May-16 09:18:48

This was 'liked' by a FB friend and I had to share on here as it had thousands of likes and far too many comments in agreement. I would hope there are people that find this as meaningless and pointlessly aggressive as I do?!?

I 'love my kids' as much as the next Peter Andre, but that doesn't mean they always 'come first' they are my priority but 'too each according to need and from each according to ability' is the creed I am trying to teach them. I love them but I don't live to serve them and neither does the rest of humanity. Maybe I am overthinking it...

Other examples of FB bollocks are welcome grin

UmbongoUnchained Mon 23-May-16 09:22:09

I kind of agree with it.
But it's just a stupid fb post. Why get worked up over it?

Banderwassnatched Mon 23-May-16 09:27:31

Don't mind them. People post all sorts of gubbins, they're no directing the memes at me in particular, it just expressed something they felt at the time. They might be a bit cheesy or whatever, but it's their little corner of Internet, I don't mind.

Although my ex posted something about wanting dogs allowed in more places, and kids in fewer. Referred to kids as 'spawn'. He got a piece of my mind

MargaretCavendish Mon 23-May-16 09:29:02

My personal pet hate is the 'Marilyn Monroe' quotations that aren't from her and which would be awful if they were. 'If you can't handle me at my worst you don't deserve me at my best' = 'I'm an obnoxious drama queen who for some reason thinks other people should put up with my self-centred nonsense.'

usual Mon 23-May-16 09:32:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bigmouthstrikesagain Mon 23-May-16 09:33:40

umbongo It was all the comments on the pic - saying that their children were the most important people in the world and fuck everyone else (paraphrasing here) that troubled me. That is why I am seeking opinion on here. I was something that bothered me - not staying awake all night cannot think of anything else worked up ... it just rankled so I posted to see if I was overthinking it.

bigmouthstrikesagain Mon 23-May-16 09:34:08

oh I can hide and unfollow do it all the time.

Tonis2297 Mon 23-May-16 09:36:54

Ha I shared this the other day grin maybe not to your taste but you could always scroll or hide it?
To me the way I've read it is my children come before everybody else around me like dp family etc which is definetly the case my kids do come before everybody else !

usual Mon 23-May-16 09:37:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

UmbongoUnchained Mon 23-May-16 09:39:28

I still don't see the problem grin

My child is the most important person in the world and absolutely comes before anybody else. Including myself.

CaoNiMao Mon 23-May-16 09:43:48

It's grim. Utterly grim.

People don't have an original word in their heads these days. It's all memes and jpegs.

* slopes off muttering *

bigmouthstrikesagain Mon 23-May-16 09:55:52

Well I have three children and they can't all come first all the time ? Can they? It is bollox because it is easy to say, but it is not useful or meaningful. I will put my own needs before the children sometimes, having a lie in instead of getting up and making them all breakfast or I will ask them to stand for a frail adult on the train and not to talk if I am trying to listen to a news item. I would find putting them first 24/7 exhausting and I don't think it would be that good for them. Learning that you need to put others first sometimes is an important lesson for children. They are the most important people in the world to me but they are not always "first".

bigmouthstrikesagain Mon 23-May-16 09:57:56

I should add the kids are old enough to get their own breakfasts ( but tend to wait for me anyway if I do have a weekend lie in)

sephineee Mon 23-May-16 09:59:02

Exactly caoNiMao - its the clichéd bullshit nature of it all. It means absolutely nothing.

I personally really hate all the posts about how much you love your children (share if you agree!!). I start at a baseline of assuming everyone I met loves their children to the rib aching brain melting degree I love mine to. I feel no need to discuss this with anyone or be told about it by anyone.

I judge people sharing memes about loving their children as a bit dim witted and unimaginative I'm afraid <horrible person>.

LemonBreeland Mon 23-May-16 10:01:35

I love your OP just for the line I love my kids as much as the next Peter Andre

That is all grin

Huppopapa Mon 23-May-16 10:02:45

I am absolutely with you OP.
There is a World of difference between making ones children ones priority - as you plainly do - and always putting them first. Good manners, charity, empathy, the foundations of a civilised society all depend on children and adults acknowledging that they can and should suppress their own desires and sometimes even needs to provide for others.
I despair of the aggression of 'my children come before you!'. If my children chose to remain sitting in a convenient seat on a bus when an elderly or disabled person wanted it I would truly have failed them.

sephineee Mon 23-May-16 10:03:32

Also agree bigmouth - of course on the big issues my children come first but they cant come first above everyone on a societal level. Or they will become horrible members of society that way.

I also have three children and they cant't all come first all the time can they? Life is a constant juggle of prioritising reading, poo-wiping and snack giving in the correct order!

UmbongoUnchained Mon 23-May-16 10:05:26

You are taking it very literally...

ShanghaiDiva Mon 23-May-16 10:07:30

more unimaginative facebook drivel, but this
* I love my kids as much as the next Peter Andre*
is funny!

BreakfastAtSquiffanys Mon 23-May-16 10:09:05

My child is the most important person in the world

No, they're the most important person in your world.

We can all love our children as much as the next Peter Andre (thanks OP!) but making them believe their needs and wishes trump everyone else's is not healthy.

bigmouthstrikesagain Mon 23-May-16 10:10:37

Well it isn't exactly subtle but what is the point of it? If it is just another way of saying 'you know gosh darn it I just love those kids of mine!' then why put it in such aggressive terms - I think the choice of words is very disturbing taken literally or not.

ParadiseCity Mon 23-May-16 10:11:47

Agree with you OP. We need a meme revolution 'my children aren't allowed to be selfish brats' etc.

I love the thing you said about need and ability. That's what I aim for.

UmbongoUnchained Mon 23-May-16 10:13:18

It's not disturbing at all! It's a fucking meme on the Internet...
If it doesn't appeal to you then just scroll on past!

ParadiseCity Mon 23-May-16 10:13:26

It's basically saying I LUV MY KIDZ SO FUCK U and everyone joins in YEH U TELL THOSE BASTARDZ and you're thinking 'well no one hates your kids anyway'

TheLambShankRedemption Mon 23-May-16 10:14:26

Cringe. Why oh why would anyone want to post such shiteous tripe?


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