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To be so mad at my ex

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Laineypotato Sun 22-May-16 18:48:18

So it's Sunday night and I'm going on my first internet date since my husband left me a few months ago (and our one year old DD). It's raining and I so don't want to go out and go to a pub with a stranger after looking after DD all day and just having washed poo off a nappy (hope I don't smell of poo!).

I keep thinking that if my ex was here we could just get a takeaway and watch TV and it would all be so much easier. I never thought I'd have to go through the dating hell again! BTW I'm totally not ready for dating just trying to make myself move on a bit.

I didn't do anything terrible to him, he just couldn't cope emotionally with a relationship and family life I think, or any level of what he perceived as criticism of his lifestyle massive workaholism and constant travelling, leaving me alone a lot with the kids.

And this week after I reached breakdown point he sent lawyers letters about custody and money, which I think is just mean when we could have discussed it like human beings, even with mediation.

So feeling really mad and upset and really not like going on a date, but feel like I need to make myself, although I am leaving chocolate and a magazine as a treat when I get back, hopefully by 9.30 (how long do I need to stay on the date for, I don't even know this stuff anymore?).

Rant over!

Oysterbabe Sun 22-May-16 19:04:33

If you're going to the pub you need to stay for 2 drinks I think.
I hope you surprise yourself and have a great time.

MissElizaBennettsBookmark Sun 22-May-16 20:57:18

Hope you have a nice time OP


ThatsMyStapler Sun 22-May-16 20:58:39

go on - you'll have fun! even if its just a story of your first date after ex....

Shakirawannabe Sun 22-May-16 22:31:23

How was your date op?

QOD Sun 22-May-16 22:36:21

wine flowers and 🍆?

TheNaze73 Sun 22-May-16 23:00:44

Let go of the past and try to look forward. Hope it went well

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