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AIBU to want to leave a poo on the windscreen of knobheads without children who park in parent and child spaces?

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BabyMonkeyMummy Fri 20-May-16 16:36:24

It can be any sized poo.

DameXanaduBramble Fri 20-May-16 16:38:42

Oh give over will you. They're just a convenience, not legally enforceable. What did people do before these spaces? Oh yes, parked a bit further away. Hard life, innit.

Mrsmorton Fri 20-May-16 16:41:32


Get your groceries delivered...

pearlylum Fri 20-May-16 16:42:39

I would report you to the police if you did that.
Disgusting behaviour.

I will use a P&C place sometimes without children if disabled bays are full.

londonrach Fri 20-May-16 16:43:03

Gets popcorn and sits down to watch....

Wagglebees Fri 20-May-16 16:43:23

Oh god.

Marthacliffscumbag Fri 20-May-16 16:43:49

Oh the hardship!
Get over yourself.

PatMullins Fri 20-May-16 16:44:01


TheLadyWithTheYellowHat Fri 20-May-16 16:44:08


Oysterbabe Fri 20-May-16 16:44:13

For some reason Mumsnet is really against these spaces, I've never met anyone in real life who thinks it's OK for non-parents to park in them. It's pretty hard to get a carseat in or out in a tiny standard space.

BabyMonkeyMummy Fri 20-May-16 16:44:19

Clearly a joke!

Pagwatch Fri 20-May-16 16:44:22

I'm impressed you are nimble enough to get up there and then balance.

It is a stupid thing to get upset about though.

DropIt Fri 20-May-16 16:44:40

OMG these threads.. Ok let me sum it up just to save everyone who clicks on this thread the pain:

1) Parent and child spaces are not legally enforceable, they exist as an act of courtesy by the shop and to entice parents to go there.

2) No they're not comparable to disabled spaces which are protected by law and you really do have to be an entitled knobend to park in a disabled space unlawfully.

3) Is it fucking annoying when people who don't have kids park in the parent and child spaces park in them anyway? Yes. Can anyone do anything about it? No.

4) Yes a millionaire on years ago people coped without them. Well done.



Zucker Fri 20-May-16 16:44:57

Those spaces aren't governed by any laws, they're a convenience!

expatinscotland Fri 20-May-16 16:45:03

Um, yeah, YABU. And pathetic. Get over yourself.

I'd like to see every single one of those bays changed into disabled bays.

Marthacliffscumbag Fri 20-May-16 16:45:59

A joke? You need to work in your delivery then. It's fucking rubbish.

DropIt Fri 20-May-16 16:46:33

*Millionaire on - a million years ago

Pagwatch Fri 20-May-16 16:46:45


I can balance on a bosu so I could get up there and balance. I can do squats on a bosu. So that parts do-able.

But I couldn't poo in public.

Half arsed really.

MiddleClassProblem Fri 20-May-16 16:46:49

Well a million years ago it wast the law to have a car seat and it's bloody hard to get them out of a car when you can't open the door fully

BabyMonkeyMummy Fri 20-May-16 16:47:18

OK! I was just having a bit of a joke about it. It's not the end of the world, it's just a little bit irritating. I was just trying to be a bit light hearted. Didn't know it would or could be such a contentious issue.

Wish I hadn't started it.

MiddleClassProblem Fri 20-May-16 16:47:39

Baby poo would be better

KayTee87 Fri 20-May-16 16:49:41

I don't have any children yet (pregnant with my first). I used a p&c space for 10 minutes the other day as the first space I tried I couldn't actually get out of the car. I did feel bad and was worried someone would hate me but then they'd see my huge stomach and maybe realise I didn't have much of a choice. Car parks need to make all spaces a bit bigger as people's cars all seem to be getting bigger.

LyingWitchInTheWardrobe Fri 20-May-16 16:50:38

Of course you knew it was contentious OP, that's why you started the thread as a 'joke'. Wouldn't have been a 'joke' otherwise, would it now?

Wagglebees Fri 20-May-16 16:51:13


Ffion3107 Fri 20-May-16 16:51:14

HAHAHAHA! I too get wound up by these inconsiderate knobheds!
Of course we survived without them, but now that they're there and we realise how much easier it is, we do tend to get pissed off when there aren't any spaces for us as the people without children take them for no reason.

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