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To think no my rent isn't late!

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sockrage Fri 20-May-16 11:20:00

My rent is due today. For a variety of reasons I have had to do this cash into bank this past couple of months which agent is aware. I paid it in at 9.45.,At 9.47 they phoned me to chase my late rent and therefore will be logged as paid late. Aibu to think it isn't actually late until midnight tonight and this isn't fair?

In order to not drip feed landlord has 20 plus flats in same area with everyone's due different days and most rent due after mine and owns them and two businesses outright so not a need to pay mortgage urgently issue.

Creampastry Fri 20-May-16 11:23:07

I would put it in writing that it is not late in case it goes against you in the future.

thenewaveragebear1983 Fri 20-May-16 11:24:07

If you paid in cash it should clear instantly, so in that case yanbu. If you paid a cheque then it could take 5 days, so I would expect my Tennant to let me know, although even then provided bank could confirm it was paid in I wouldn't be chasing you. I imagine they haven't checked after you paid, and then contacted you coincidentally just minutes after you paid.

specialsubject Fri 20-May-16 11:25:26

the landlord's financial circumstances are not relevant. A contract is a contract.

but if the money will reach the destination account today - and with faster payments it should - then the rent is not late. Cash does not need time to clear.

write/email the agent stating this and tell them to remove the late flag. Copy to the landlord.

EssentialHummus Fri 20-May-16 11:25:39

Assuming your contract doesn't have some odd wording about paying in by 09.00 (this is incredibly unlikely), no, your rent isn't late. Perhaps they got the date wrong?

Whether the landlord has one flat or 20 / is in dire straights or not, is irrelevant.

EveryoneElsie Fri 20-May-16 11:25:51

YANBU, take legal advice asap.

NeedMoreSleepOrSugar Fri 20-May-16 11:29:40

If it's due today, and you paid it into his account in cash today, then it's been paid today. Assuming the contract doesn't stipulate the time of day it has to be paid, then it's fine.

I'd definitely make sure to go back to them(preferably in writing) and state that the rent has been paid, on time, and ask them to check his account.

It seems odd to be complaining so early in the day about rent that's only due today- are they always so impatient or have you been late before?

Arfarfanarf Fri 20-May-16 11:32:15

Yes, put it in writing that the rent according to the contract is due on x date and was paid on x date and is therefore not late.

CotswoldStrife Fri 20-May-16 11:39:09

If you are going to pay cash, can you take it directly to the agent instead of paying it through the bank?

What does your contract say, does it state that you have to pay by direct debit rather than cash?

Landlord's circumstances are completely irrelevant.

sockrage Fri 20-May-16 11:41:48

Cash not cheque.
Others pay cash.
Contract says rent to be paid on the 20th of every month. No time.

Surely even if they chased it should be at close of bank today at best not 9.47?

They check their accounts at various times in the day I know they do as reciepts come over at different times.

Surely I could have paid it at 4.30pm in cash at bank and not been late?

Seems a bit much as I have been here seven years and pay on time to chase me fifteen minutes after bank opens.

WinniePooh101 Fri 20-May-16 11:45:53

That is completely unreasonable. Write to the agent stating that the rent is paid in cash on the morning it is due so therefore it is paid on time and wholly unreasonable and inaccurate to consider it a late payment.

Do you have any other issues with agent or landlord? Could there be any reasons for them being difficult for example are there any reasons they may be hoping you will move?

karalime Fri 20-May-16 11:48:10

'Hello letting agent vultures,

As stated rent is due on the 20th, it is still the 20th. The business day of the 20th will be here for another 7 hours.

Please see bank receipt confirming cash payment at 9.45. This should appear in your account shortly, however if you have an issues with this I would suggest you contact your bank directly as I am not responsible for their payment clearing times. Kind regards'

Chattymummyhere Fri 20-May-16 11:53:23

Even your boss doesn't have to pay you first thing on pay day as long as it hits the correct account by close of business it arrived on the correct day.

Marynary Fri 20-May-16 11:53:44

I would phone them and ask them to confirm the due date. If they say it is the 20th then ask them why they think you are late. Do they realise you are paying cash and that they get the money straight away? Perhaps they are being a bit thick.

sockrage Fri 20-May-16 11:57:09

No issues with landlord or agency.
Been here years.
Have paid cash before at 4.50pm on the day and no one has chased it up.
No mention of payment method.
In fact for years I paid it early when I got paid from work and when new agent took over they asked me not to as it confused things.

Agent was taken over by a new agent a few months ago and we weren't told nor where we told they had changed their bank account and closed the old one until the standing order was rejected and each tenant had to ring for new details.

sockrage Fri 20-May-16 11:58:36

I did confirm on the phone that it was definately due today.

AyeAmarok Fri 20-May-16 12:01:43

Did you get a receipt at the bank? Does it have a time?

Email them that and then don't worry about it. They're wrong.

sockrage Fri 20-May-16 12:05:39

Yes to reciept

specialsubject Fri 20-May-16 12:14:37

agency incompetence as evidenced by the news about closing bank accounts and not telling you.

as mentioned, write a letter, copied to the landlord.

Mrsfancyfanjango Fri 20-May-16 12:16:33

My estate agent gets the hump because we transfer the money over manually on the day it's due (they wanted a standing order set up a week before it's due but wages haven't gone in by then) they seemed to believe that if it wasn't in the bank at 12am or whatever the banks processing time is that morning then it was late, a few strong words were needed now I pay it at 4pm

blindsider Fri 20-May-16 12:21:43

Surely even if they chased it should be at close of bank today at best not 9.47?

Correct, however if you were paying automatically (DD/SO) it would have gone in at mignight so that is maybe why??

bakeoffcake Fri 20-May-16 12:25:51

I expect someone at the office has checked their account at 9.44 and being a bit thick as it wasn't there thought there was no way it would clear today.

I'd email them and state the cash went into their account at 9.45, you have a receipt and you would like them to confirm that they will not be claiming you have paid late.

imwithspud Fri 20-May-16 12:28:17

YANBU, they are jumping the gun a bit.

smokeybandit Fri 20-May-16 12:32:32

Due on 20th. Unless they time travelled to tomorrow and somehow the money didn't go in, and that's where they're phoning from, you're not late. I'd pay late on the day on 20th from now on just to make a point. That's a bit unnecessary of them to call on the day especially first thing.

JapaneseSlipper Fri 20-May-16 12:35:13

Write them an email - "you have asked me not to pay rent the day before it is due, which I have agreed to do.

Today I have been chased for a rental payment that was made 15 minutes after the bank opened. This is also, apparently, not acceptable.

When exactly would you like me to pay?"

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