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to want my son's friend's parents to make an effort?

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etchysketchy Fri 20-May-16 11:07:47

My son's best friend is a year older than him and lives a 20 minute drive away. His friend went to high school last September, so I've made an effort to maintain the friendship by driving him to see his friend at the weekends, taking them to the pictures, and by inviting his friend to our place. Since my son's friend left their primary school last July, his parents have not texted even once to see if my son would like to hang out with their son. It's not that their son doesn't want to - he's ecstatic when he sees my son. I always have to make the initial invite and when they say yes - everytime - it's me to has to drive my son to theirs, or pick up their son to bring him to ours. That's a 20-minute journey x4 (getting there and back to drop off/pick up and then the same again to end the kids' day together). That's 1hr40mins of my time every time. I know it's a small thing and I should see it as an effort for my son, but I don't... I see it as a two-parent family taking advantage of me, a single parent. I know the mum works two days a week. I work full time. They have two cars. I've straight up said to them that it's a big effort for me some weekends when I'm totally knackered.


Creampastry Fri 20-May-16 11:10:29

Why don't you invite him over but say you can't pick him up as dh has the car or make a similar excuse. Or meet him in town/halfway.

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