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To cancel holiday...

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BoyMeetsWorld Thu 19-May-16 20:21:03

In light of today's (horrific) disaster?

Hysterical flier anyway. Have tried meds, courses, nothing worked. Finally agreed to go " for the kids & DH" then this happens.

Have spent whole day shaking and being physically sick.

DCs are both fairly young and tbh would probably enjoy a week somewhere driveable just as much. DH may never forgive me. If make mind up quickly would "only" lose the deposit.

Am I being completely crazy. Feeling utterly terrified. & those poor poor people, can't stop thinking about it..

AnchorDownDeepBreath Thu 19-May-16 20:23:37

When are you due to go? I wouldn't decide today if you don't have to.

BoyMeetsWorld Thu 19-May-16 20:32:10

Not until mid July. Have a few weeks before would lose huge amounts of money.

Med destination I should add, good airline but flying back from airport notorious for poor security...& workers paid peanuts

IrrationalWoman Thu 19-May-16 20:32:14

I don't think YABU, but then I posted a similar thread to this last night and am wondering the same!

Hassled Thu 19-May-16 20:37:25

I absolutely understand where you're coming from but you do have to think about this logically. Even with today's horrible events, you're still statistically far more likely to die in a car on that driving alternative than you are in a plane. This is a really useful link from an anxieties site about travel statistics. Don't rush into a decision just yet - give it a week or so.

TheoriginalLEM Thu 19-May-16 20:39:18

don't go. you'll not enjoy yourself. statisticalally blahtiblah but youd not get me on a plane for any amount of cash just now.

WorraLiberty Thu 19-May-16 20:40:25

But presumably you knew about the risk of a terrorist attack when you booked your holiday anyway?

AndTakeYourPenguinWithYou Thu 19-May-16 20:41:36

How many passenger planes have crashed today? 1.
How many car accidents have there been in the UK today? An average 59 serious injuries and FIVE fatalities every single day, in car crashes.

Cancelling a plane trip in order to drive in the UK makes no sense whatsoever.

ThroughThickAndThin01 Thu 19-May-16 20:42:25

I hate flying. We're off to Japan. Well still go, but I'll be very, very nervous. sad

If the worry isn't worth it, I'd cancel.

Laptopontable Thu 19-May-16 20:42:40

I am a terrible terrible flier so you have my sympathies. I try to tell myself that this crash is huge news because of its uniqueness, it hardly ever happens. Look out of your window now, if it's not cloudy you'll surely see several planes in the air that will successfully reach their destination. That happens hundreds and hundreds of times a day. 3 billion people fly every year. At Heathrow alone, there are 100,000 plane journeys everyday and 70million passengers every year.
This is something I worry about like you but these sort of facts help me think more rationally.

AddToBasket Thu 19-May-16 20:44:50

Where are you going and what airline?

youknowwhattodo Thu 19-May-16 20:45:22

I feel like you op. We are due to go in July with 2 young dc. I am dreading it. I feel physically sick at the thought of being on a plane and not in control. Where are you going op?

Laptopontable Thu 19-May-16 20:46:00

Sorry,i mean 100,000 in the world! Not just Heathrow!

IJustLostTheGame Thu 19-May-16 20:46:14

Security will be through the roof from now on.

ladydepp Thu 19-May-16 20:54:01

Security will be even higher now, if that is any comfort?

It's a hard call, you know in your head that you will be fine but your phobia is telling you something different.

Give it a few days/weeks before you decide to cancel.

blueskyinmarch Thu 19-May-16 20:59:39

You are far more likely to die in a car accident than a plane accident. It is a very safe mode of transport. I would never curtail my sense of adventure because of incidents such as the one which has just happened. I wouldn’t take unnecessary risks but i would not give up a holiday to a safe destination.

228agreenend Thu 19-May-16 21:01:51

I can understand that you are feeling nervous. However, statistically,you will be fine. As others have said, people,don't stop,driving due to car accidents.

ABCAlwaysBeCunting Thu 19-May-16 21:04:31

I wouldn't cancel my holiday. As everyone else has pointed out, you're far more likely to die in a road accident and frankly, I don't think a knee-jerk reaction to an air disaster is a good enough reason to curtail my holidays abroad.

AuntJane Thu 19-May-16 21:11:03

I suggest waiting a few days to see in FCO issue any guidance to travellers.

If you cancel now you will lose your deposit and insurance will not pay; if FCO issue "do not travel" advice the position changes. Or in four weeks time it could be so far in the past to not worry you any more.

Jb291 Thu 19-May-16 21:12:18

I''m going abroad in September on a long haul flight.I won't be changing my plans

WannaBe Thu 19-May-16 21:15:36

Statistically you're more likely to die on your way to the airport than in a plane crash. Just because a plane crashed today doesn't change that statistic.

TBH I don't believe it was a terrorist attack. A plane crashed, the automatic assumption has been that it was terrorism, but planes have been crashing since they were invented, and while terrorism is always a possibility it's far more likely to have been a technical fault. Just because Egypt air say terrorism is more likely doesn't make it so. They're not going to want to admit to having sent up a faulty plane are they?

My reasons for thinking not a terrorist attack are based largely on the fact that as yet, no-one has claimed responsibility, something which is virtually unheard of in today's world of terrorism, the terrorist organisations are desperate to put their names to these tragedies and as yet, no-one has.

FWIW I am a terrible flier as well so I sympathise with how you feel. But truth is that you have just one life, you have to live it, and not let this kind of stuff prevent you from doing so. If your number's up, then it's time to go. That could just as well be under a bus as on a plane. :-)

Meow75 Thu 19-May-16 21:16:23

I'm currently in Lanzarote, visiting PIL's who live here. Return home 29/5. No choice to get on a plane but also not concerned. Freak accident even if there has been terrorist involvement. Get some Rescue Remedy and go on your holiday. You'll be fine.

BillBrysonsBeard Thu 19-May-16 21:17:51

Like others have said, the chances are so tiny... Google says 1 in 11 million flights. But I can understand, it's really sad. Those poor innocent people sad

Perbsy Thu 19-May-16 21:21:39

I'm going away in a car, you lot have fucking scared the life out of me now.

I might fly somewhere instead.

Mumoftwoyoungkids Thu 19-May-16 21:23:29

We're in the middle of booking a foreign holiday for August at the moment. Still going to book. Far more likely to die in the car on the way to the airport.

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