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AIBU to prune my hedge??

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AuntieMeemz Thu 19-May-16 20:20:51

Years ago, we were trimming a very spiky nasty bush on a patch of no mans land near our house. It backed onto someones side fence and they went beserk. It started the most ridiculous row with half the close involved.
today, not forgetting history, I pruned our hedge, on our land that touches the neighbours (empty) side of front garden. It couldn't be trimmed , it was too woody. Next thing neighbour, who is usually fairly amicable, is out telling me off. She snapped 'what has happened to my hedge???? We said nicely, that we'd planted it (it is only 2 ft tall anyway)many years ago. She then started saying she should have been consulted. She was going to trim it to a nice box hedge (well it's been there 11 years, and she never mentioned it before). Then we pleasantly pointed out that we'd trimmed it as she'd had her front garden done. She said even if it was on our land, it had strayed to her land, and she should have been consulted!

TiggyD Thu 19-May-16 20:35:31

You can trim YOUR hedge on YOUR land. Doesn't matter what your neighbour thinks.

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