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The AIBUs of fictional characters

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EverySongbirdSays Thu 19-May-16 18:35:41

I was thinking up AIBUs for fictional characters and making myself laugh. Apologies if it's been done before. Also potential SPOILERS potentially.

Skylar White, Breaking Bad

I have recently discovered that my husband, a Science teacher recruited a pupil to help him make and distribute drugs. We have a disabled teenager and a small baby. AIBU to stay with him and help him make the most of the profit, even though I'm scared of him?

Pheobe Buffay, Friends

My brother was groomed by his teacher. They ended up getting married but have discovered they are infertile. Am I being unreasonable if I don't agree to be their surrogate?

Monica Gellar, Friends

I have invited my sexy opthamologist over for dinner in hopes of more. Is this unreasonable in light of the fact I had a long term sexual relationship with his father, who was the same age as my own Dad and his best friend?

Ross Gellar Friends

I recently got married in Vegas when I was drunk. I have told my friend I will have it annulled, but secretly we are still married and I haven't told her. Is it so unreasonable to not want to get divorced for a third time??

Cersei, Game Of Thrones

My father has forced me into an arranged marriage for his own gain. Is it really so unreasonable for me to abort this mans baby, have sex with my brother and pass the children we have off as my husbands?

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