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why are people so rude?

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Idano1987 Thu 19-May-16 15:59:11

Ive had one of those days today so please forgive me for ranting.

Firstly I had someone shout out of their car that I was a fat bitch for no reason other than to try and upset me. Yes I maybe fat but they don't know me or know any problems I may be having.

Secondly 2 women were stood chatting in the doorway of the shop I was trying to leave. When I asked excuse me but could I get by I was given a shitty look. If you want to talk go somewhere that is not in the way it really shouldn't be difficult.

Thirdly people not stopping at zebra crossing outside DS school not only is it rude it down right dangerous.

It really pisses me off that people feel the need to be so rude and ignorant. AIBU to be annoyed?

Vagabond Thu 19-May-16 16:12:06

I think that people are generally unhappy and it causes them to care very little for their fellow-man. I blame the media which is becoming more scare-mongering by the day. All the news is about what's bad and what's scary and dangerous and ..... The rich are getting richer, nobody can afford things.... Negative election news just makes everyone miserable...specially with the Brexit election coming up and people having conflicting opinions....

There is not just a lot of good news around.

Also, let's face it: most people are twats.

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