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to be a bit down about this?

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justwonderingellie Thu 19-May-16 14:58:39

Currently doing exams and living by myself (well with others but they are flatmates rather than friends, temporarily moved in with them) so have been spending long long days by myself without friends' company. Tomorrow is my penultimate exam and my friend has already finished hers. We had plans to do something after and I was really excited to see her as haven't seen a friend for a few days now and do somethign together. She has now said she isn't feeling well kinda has form for being a slight hypochondriac and is in bed... I have a horrible feeling tomorrow won't happen. I know it's not her fault but AIBU to feel a bit sorry for myself? I do have other friends I can see but not sure what their plans are as it's such short notice now - I deliberately didn't make plans to see them as we had plans!

Blimmincheek Thu 19-May-16 16:34:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

justwonderingellie Thu 19-May-16 16:50:04

Yeah yeah I have. Thanks, no, you're not sounding patronising - normally this really wouldn't bother me but as mentioned I have been in the house all day by myself and starting to a bit stir-crazy - i wouldn't generally consider it a big deal.

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