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To ask what you'd cook for 6 adults, 3 children, 2 babies

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ktmummy1 Tue 17-May-16 21:11:43

Having a dinner party at our house in Saturday. There will be 6 adults, 3 children and two babies. I've cooked lasagne, roast and had buffet for them in the past. I'm looking for more ideas, preferably something easy that can be cooked earlier in the day to save cooking whilst they're here! Can anyone help? Thank you xflowers

trashcanjunkie Tue 17-May-16 21:13:56

Potato gratin?

janethegirl2 Tue 17-May-16 21:14:30

Fish pie, braised beef n veg, chilli n rice with garlic bread or do you have limitations i.e. Are they veggie, vegan etc?

MintyBojingles Tue 17-May-16 21:14:38

Cottage pie.

Lilaclily Tue 17-May-16 21:14:52

Sausage casserole with plenty of spare sausages for the kids

trashcanjunkie Tue 17-May-16 21:15:26

Oops, sorry, misread post! I thought you were doing the lasagne plus roast plus buffet! and wondering about the monster appetite they must all have

OneEpisode Tue 17-May-16 21:15:34

Beef goulash

Chickpeachick0 Tue 17-May-16 21:15:41

Chicken cacciatore with crusty bread ( Jamie Oliver's is good )

Chicken paprikash with crusty bread

Lovewineandchocs Tue 17-May-16 21:15:43

Chicken curry

Spotsondots Tue 17-May-16 21:16:03

Beef stroganoff or other kind of stew based dish?


How old are the kids? Would they eat a mild curry? Could separate some for the babies before getting spicy. Ditto chilli.

Side of salmon?

GarlicBreadItsTheFuture Tue 17-May-16 21:16:28

Shepherds pie

Fish Pie


Irish Stew

Beef Casserole

ollieplimsoles Tue 17-May-16 21:16:29

What about something like a shepherds pie? With self- serve veg and maybe Yorkshire puddings? All can be made in advance and the bed can be steamed just before you serve?

How old are the babies? Because veg makes a great finger food for them so everyone can join in?

BluebellTheDonkey Tue 17-May-16 21:17:02

How about fajitas? Have a big plate of warmed tortilla wraps. Do a load of fillings, grated cheese, chopped veggies, cooked chicken (some spicy, some plain) creme fraiche, guacamole, let people wrap their own tortillas up. Serve with salads, onion rings, coleslaw.

JasperDamerel Tue 17-May-16 21:20:03

Nigella' chicken and chorizo bake only with red and yellow peppers added to the roasting tin.

Or curry or chilli with lots of extras that curry-refusers can make a meal from.

Or cottage pie or fish pie.

justdontevenfuckingstart Tue 17-May-16 21:20:25

Cold roast chicken, a ham. Various salads and dips. Nice crusty bread and a quiche. Pop some jacket spuds in the oven.

BeauGlacons Tue 17-May-16 21:22:08

Whole salmon (so easy), new minted potatoes, asparagus, crusty bread, mayo, big bowl Caesar salad. If you buy the salmon from Waitrose they will lend you a fish kettle. remove gills, put in kettle, two bay leaves, 6 peppercorns, sprigs parsley, bottle house white, top with cold water, heat to just more than a summer, torn off and leave overnight. Remove, skin, serve on platter, dressed with wayercress, cucumber and lemon slices.

Kittykatmacbill Tue 17-May-16 21:23:04

Fish pie with peas. Then a crumble.

almostthirty Tue 17-May-16 21:23:19

Chilli or bbq if weather is nice.

Kitty3E Tue 17-May-16 21:23:22


missymayhemsmum Tue 17-May-16 21:27:31

A big spicy pasta dish with loads of veg, plus a big cheesy pasta dish, plus a tomato salad (sliced beef tomatoes and basil with loads of balsamic), plus a green salad. Have the pasta dishes ready to go in the oven, and leave the tomato salad to marinade in the fridge all day. babies get cheesy pasta, kids get a choice of dishes depending how fussy they are. DiY Ice cream sundaes and fruit salad for dessert.

SaucyJack Tue 17-May-16 21:31:32


Artandco Tue 17-May-16 21:31:44

Beef Goulash and mash and green veg ( Spring greens, brocoli, plus peas )

The goulash can be made in advance and potatoes peeled and chopped in water in advance.

Even smallest weaned baby at 6 months can try a bit of brocoli and mash

Peas if the kids aren't keen on other veg.

Dancingqueen17 Tue 17-May-16 21:37:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ktmummy1 Tue 17-May-16 21:38:34

Ooh some great ideas, thanks. Kids are 7, 3 and 3. Babies are 16 months and 1. Will re read all the suggestions and get my thinking hat on. Thanks

allthekingsshoes Tue 17-May-16 21:39:56

Chicken parmentier from Rick Stein's long weekend in Bordeaux . Serve with salad and some bread

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