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to ask for a refund from eBay seller

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u32ng Tue 17-May-16 10:30:52

So I bought a dress on eBay recently, and when it arrived I noticed that it had a rip along the seam by the bottom of the concealed zip, and the zip tail was actually poking through it. I also found a weird circular sticky thing on the inside of the dress at chest height which I managed to peel off no problems but it was just a bit bizarre that the seller didn't think to remove it. There was no photo or mention of this seam damage in the listing.

I contacted the seller to say that I wasn't very happy etc (as I don't know if this tear will be fixable without a seamstress doing it at extra cost). The seller replied and said they didn't notice the rip hmm but has at least offered to "refund you some money". I feel she's maybe a little bit 'at it' as i can't believe she wouldn't have noticed the rip when photographing the dress, and I want to ask for a full refund (dress price + postage) but ABIU?

Or would it be more reasonable to just ask for the dress price to be refunded? I paid less than a tenner all in so it's not exactly big bucks here, but I do quite like the dress and am mindful I may have to pay for repair (unless i attempt an amateur job which I'm not 100% keen to do in case i make the problem worse).

Bolingbroke Tue 17-May-16 10:40:29

I think if you want a full refund (and you aren't BU to want one) then you have to be prepared to send the item back (the seller should cover postage costs). Otherwise if you want to keep it, you could make some kind of arrangement with the seller.

Some people do just try it on. I sold a perfume recently, the buyer said it smelt funny and wanted a refund, I said yes, send it back and I'll pay for postage and refund you. Funnily enough, she never sent it back.

TheDuchessOfArbroathsHat Tue 17-May-16 10:54:21

Just begin an 'item not as described' claim with eBay - you'll have to send the dress back (and make sure you send it Signed For/Special Delivery depending on value) and you will get your full refund. This also removes the need for you to communicate further with the seller as eBay will take over.

TheDuchessOfArbroathsHat Tue 17-May-16 10:56:16

Info Here

TheDuchessOfArbroathsHat Tue 17-May-16 10:57:10

Oops - duff link. Sorry about that blush but you'll find what you need in the help pages or on the actual item description there will be a 'report a problem' button

u32ng Tue 17-May-16 20:11:06

Hmm so before I could decide what to do and reply to her, she's just refunded half the total cost. She didn't even want to see proof of the damage (ie photos I've taken) so I personally think that shows she knew it was damaged.

Not sure what to do now?? Leave it at that or take it through eBay still?

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