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To be pissed off at my bank for their sheer incompetence, when they charge me for the privilege of handling my account?!

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OnlyOpenMouthToChangeFeet Mon 16-May-16 22:20:54

Hmmmmm am new here, so not sure where to start, but will try to keep it brief and answer Q's if asked.

Had a monthly card subscription for a few months coming out on 25th (know as CPA=continuing payment authority). In March emailed company to cancel sub, they ignored me, so at end of March few days after another sub taken from account, called bank to cancel it. No problem so I'm told. At same time also informed them of three upcoming foreign trips as required, so I don't have a problem using my cards whilst abroad. (I had tried to do this online, but their system refused to accept my submission. In fact the banks system wouldn't work either, and they had to make a paper submission!). Again I'm told all sorted, go and enjoy yourself.

I get

OnlyOpenMouthToChangeFeet Mon 16-May-16 22:22:09

Sorry posted without finishing, please see follow up, told you I was new!!

OnlyOpenMouthToChangeFeet Mon 16-May-16 22:32:38

So I get to early hours of 23 April and notice yet another sub pending for company that I'd cancelled. Call the bank and they say no problem, will go through but be credited to you in couple of days. Quelle surprise it doesn't happen. At the same time tell them my foreign trips aren't registered, and they assure me that will be done too.

So check my account today, no refund, no foreign trips registered. The investigations department kindly say they'll refund the payment, although they will email the vendor and if they claim it's a legitimate payment will take it back out of my account!! Even though I have phone records of original cancellation they claim to know nothing about it. And to make matters worse this payment is no my debit card. My card number changed in early April so they should not have been able to claim another payment with my old card details, yet the bank allowed them to. The bank also told me on see phone earlier they claimed using my bank account and sort code, yet I have never provided the retailer with that info, and my statement says it's a debit card transaction!!

Fed up with being treated like an idiot, spoken to four people already today who seem to have no clue about their own systems whatsoever. Really don't want to go elsewhere, but pay for a service I'm certainly not getting and royally pissed off. And apparently I'm still not leaving the UK this year!

Thoughts please?!!

OnlyOpenMouthToChangeFeet Mon 16-May-16 22:34:02

Apologies re typos, predictive text grrrrr

uggmum Mon 16-May-16 22:38:11

Change banks if you're not happy. You can switch in 7 days.
I bank with first direct and they are brilliant.

cherrypopsicle Mon 16-May-16 22:46:54

Continously authority's are set up on the first 12 digits of your card number, so even if you change your card they can still take it. However once you have advised your bank to process a CAT (continuous authority transaction) cancellation then all future payments can be refunded via a charge back. Your bank shouldn't be trying to fob you off - you are covered by the Visa process

OnlyOpenMouthToChangeFeet Mon 16-May-16 22:52:16

Thank you cherry, I thought as much. As I said, I don't particularly want to change bank due to a variety of factors, but do feel as though I'm being treated like an idiot. And tbh the transaction amount is not huge (but enough), although the real point is I feel at the moment I am paying good money to be taken the piss out of

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