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Park danger

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mediocremumatherbest Mon 16-May-16 16:07:21

Hi, my kids absolutely love going to the park and we usually go to several 3-4 times a week weather permitting. Who arranges the layout for these places though? Some are so dangerous and unthought out it's unreal! Yesterday for example we were at a play area with 4 very high swings (on long chains) yet they were positioned within arms reach of the gate. Kids just running far too close for my liking. There was a little boy no older than 2 and he just came running directly towards my daughters swing, mid swing and if I hadn't had my wits about me it would have send him flying half a mile through the air! Another time a little girl nearly got hit by my other daughters swing and I had to stop it abruptly causing my daughter to come off the seat! I said to the little girl "just be careful darling because it almost hit you then" and the grandad just gave me the dirtiest look. Cockwomble. Has he ever seen a kid get hit full pelt in the head with a swing? I doubt it but I have. Last year same thing, only I wasn't as aware, plus I was pushing 2 swings and this kid was with both parents. He came running towards the swings and I couldn't possibly do anythings to stop him getting smacked straight in the head. He was screaming in agony and his parents just sat on a bench comforting hin. 2 minutes later I looked over sympathetically and his head looked like it had a golf ball attached to it! AIBU in thinking nobody watches their kids anymore? Is it any wonder the A&E departments are off their feet?
Am I just a paranoid twitchy pants?
If you'd seen this kid get battered by my kids swing I'm sure you'd be the same....

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