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To be so annoyed with this school? (supply work related)

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MintyChapstick Mon 16-May-16 09:20:13

I do supply work in schools. I'm not a teacher, but do support work etc. Over the past few weeks it's been incrediably quiet, and I've gone from having loads of phone calls asking me to go here there and everywhere to having days and days of not hearing anything.

Anyway, last week I was sent to work in a lovely school, a good 20 minute drive from where I live. It was supposed to be an ongoing placement providing sick cover. Which was a huge relief after not having much work. I was there until Friday, on Friday afternoon I was told by the head to expect to be back this week. So this morning I get up nice and early, there are roadworks so Ive been leaving slightly earlier than usual to make sure I get there on time (the head knew this).

As I'm just approaching the village where the school is my mobile starts to ring, obviously I can't answer as I'm driving, then it rings again and again. I park up outside the school, get my phone out and there is a frantic message from my advisor telling me that the school have decided they don't need me and to ring them back as they've got work in another school. I'm understandably pissed off as ive gone all that way, but I ring back to say I'm happy to go elsewhere. The advisor is very apologetic, the school didn't contact them until gone 8am, and because I didn't pick my phone up they've given the work at the other school to someone else. So now I've missed out on a days works!

AIBU to be really pissed off with this school? They were so Nicey nicey with me last week, constantly asking me if I was happy to stay there for a while (I was). They know how far I was travelling, and what time I was leaving for work but they cancel me at the very last minute meaning ive missed out on work elsewhere!

I've noticed this happening more and more, schools booking me to avoid me being booked out elsewhere and then cancelling me. But this is the first time I've actually been outside a school when ive been cancelled. I'm honestly fucking fuming!! Try and calm me down someone please!

PedantPending Mon 16-May-16 09:26:26

I think you are being a little unreasonable unless you had a firm "see you on Monday morning" statement.
Why didn't you wait at home for the call? It would have been an easy matter to say it would take you x minutes to get there (due to roadworks).
You assumed a little too much, especially if the modus operandi of how you work is a call from an agency first thing.

MintyChapstick Mon 16-May-16 09:31:57

They did say see you next week though, or as good as. If I'd have left it any later to leave and they had needed me, I'd never have made it in time.

I suppose I just feel a little bit messed about and hurt in all honesty.

littleshirleybeans Mon 16-May-16 09:39:38

I can understand how annoyed you are. (But I wouldn't say that 20 mins was that far tbh. I live 20 mins from my own school and I don't really find it a problem. Disclaimer: not in class just now, this is my own time and I'm having a quick cup of tea after a stressful morning with two sick dc)
I do completely understand though. Is there any way you could ask your agency/advisor to text you after a certain time, at least you'd see that coming up on your phone without endangering yourself or others, and you could always pull over if you had to turn make or take a call?

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