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slave to Kpop

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saskdilemma Mon 16-May-16 01:08:11

This is a query that a relative has asked for some advice on and I've name changed for obvious reasons: The family is South Asian/Korean Mix
Her DD (13) has been asked to join a South Korean 'Idol' Agency. The child (as they live in Seoul, South Korea) is excited and is preparing to say yes because the child doesn't understand what she is giving up.

My cousin is not having this because in her opinion she has already checked out the agency which is one of the biggest and popular but its not clearly what is best for her daughter. Children in these agencies have the humanity stripped off them. Weight control, extreme practice (they train for everything from singing, dancing, acting to tv hosts, they get bullied for not looking anorexic etc.).

If for whatever reasons their daughter drops out of her own will ...then the parents will be liable for hundreds of thousands of 'training costs' so the child will be a slave until she gets to 'debut'. Only a handful of trainees (which is what the girl will be) only ever become big successes and the rest either become backing dancers or escorts. South korean general public also looks down on products of these agencies and are not regarded as proper actors/actresses.

Her DH is pushing for the kid to enter the agency because he thinks it will be a good idea. She for the above reasons has huge mistrust of the agency. The agent from the agency are prepared to make a one end deal if the father wants to sign the kid up but this might not be legal.

My aunt wants her child to go to normal college and then university in USA/UK.

Also according to my aunt, even the ones who do become massive successes... have major health issues, rickets, weak bones, dietary problems etc. They are literally farming out children and my aunt will not have this. Her DH is blaming her rationality on her being 'western' which she is also fuming at. He's not controlling like typical MN LTB topics but he is not hundred percent bright either.

is she BU?

My two cents: She's correct about this 100% but maybe mn mums have a differing view?

I agree with her but I can be too rational at times. There literally is no compromise on this because its either all in or none at all kind of situation.

saskdilemma Mon 16-May-16 01:23:18

My aunt wants her grandchild: that was a typo.

I've not explained the op very well. My aunt in her early 50s live with her Dd and sil. The child in question is her 13 year old granddaughter, her daughter's daughter. Both my cousin and aunt are united against the decision and because aunt is older he dare not insult her but my cousin is being attacked for not wanting to enslave her daughter.

NatalieRushman Mon 16-May-16 01:51:49

It's a terrible idea. These agencies single handedly control the entire music industry in most of Asia, and just churn out identical acts constantly. The lengths they go to to ensure their young girls and boys fit the mould are insane. There is no doubt that she will be forced into diets and pressured into plastic surgery, only to still have a very small chance of "making it". Your cousin and aunt are absolutely right, and your cousin's DH needs to be made aware of the hell he is throwing his DD into; at 13, she probably still can't see past the glamour. Your cousin also needs to find a way to ensure her DH cannot enter into a contract without her permission. That's a terrifying thought.

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