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To make triangular scones

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PreAdvent13610 Sun 15-May-16 19:06:09

DH has volunteered me to do the catering at a works open day. No problem, I do a reasonable amount of this.
However, they are advertising cream teas. I always make scone rounds, scored into six. Hence the end result is triangular. Less faffing, lighter results. Is this acceptable to other people?
There will be other cakes, savoury cream tea and free from stuff. I would like to avoid being in a situation where I'm back on here going 'they can make their own fecking scones'.

beelover Sun 15-May-16 19:33:21

I wouldn't be expecting a triangular scone with a cream tea but if it tasted nice it wouldn't bother me. If you are volunteering to make them then I don't think anyone has the right to complain about the shape. So yanbu to make triangles but yanbu to post about them as I now want a cream tea grin

slightlyglitterbrained Sun 15-May-16 19:34:31

It wouldn't occur to me to worry. Mind you I also have no opinion on jam first vs cream first so maybe I'm just a scone heretic...

TormundGiantsbabe Sun 15-May-16 19:37:12

Heavens no! I just couldn't bring myself to eat a triangular scone. I'd wonder if you had got confused with an apple turnover and I couldn't trust you after that.

PreAdvent13610 Sun 15-May-16 19:40:27

The cheese scones are round, served with cream cheese and chutney Tormund you would be very confused. hmm

KanyesVest Sun 15-May-16 19:44:30

Any food made by not me is perfect, irrespective of shape.

wwyd123 Sun 15-May-16 19:44:47

My nan always made triangle scones <fondly remembers my lovely nana>


pigsDOfly Sun 15-May-16 19:50:25

Ah, I was also thinking jam and cream, in which case I wouldn't care what shape it was I eat whatever you gave me.

Cheese scones, not so much. The shape still wouldn't bother me though.

Unless they're paying you for your services I really don't think anyone has the right to complain about the shape of anything tbh.

Littleallovertheshop Sun 15-May-16 19:50:31

If they're griddle scones YANBU - I miss having a local bakers which did both. If they're oven scones, use a pint glass and cut them out - do they end up with raw edges when you cut them into 6?

SquinkiesRule Sun 15-May-16 19:51:30

I like them made like that, triangles are fine, I bet they'll taste delicious.

crapfatbanana Sun 15-May-16 19:54:02

A six portion scone round/cake would be absolutely acceptable to me, as a scone lover living in Cornwall (but also regularly partaking in cream tea across the border in Devon).

PreAdvent13610 Sun 15-May-16 19:57:05

We are selling cream teas to members of the public in a walled garden. So yes, the question is, would you risk your money on a weird shape for some scone.

Little they are cut half way through, like soda bread. They can then be cut or torn into individual servings. It is the way my grandmother was taught to do them by her victorian cook mother.

Jam and cream is served in those little waxed paper pots.

SexLubeAndAFishSlice Sun 15-May-16 19:58:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ThatsMyStapler Sun 15-May-16 20:02:43

a scone is a scone is a scone, no matter what shape

my DH made some today and they were lovely

LordoftheTits Sun 15-May-16 20:07:39


It means OP makes a round shape out of a large amount of scone mix, then scores it into six triangles, like a pizza. Once baked it'll be like 'tear and share', resulting in triangular scones smile

sixinabed Sun 15-May-16 20:07:41

Sounds fine to me!

MiddleAgeMiddleEngland Sun 15-May-16 20:12:39

I'd think "Oh, that's a good idea, I'll steal that for next time I'm baking scones."

You'll need to resolve the jam underneath, cream on top / cream underneath, jam on top debate though grin It's never been resolved at MiddleHouse. DH and I disagree, DCs are 50/50.

SealSong Sun 15-May-16 20:14:14

Sounds great to me. Care to share your recipe? smile

slightlyglitterbrained Sun 15-May-16 20:20:31

So do you get the whole 6 piece round with your cream tea then? <greedy>

hugoagogo Sun 15-May-16 20:22:40

Dd makes her scones like that- but separates the triangles before baking. They are very nice and it must save a lot of fact cutting out and rerolling.

So long as they aren't too stingy, are fresh and preferably warm I don't see a problem.

SealSong Sun 15-May-16 20:23:21

I had to google triangular scones and found a whole blog about scones! smile

banivani Sun 15-May-16 20:43:17

If you're Swedish, then no. But Swedish people also do this thing were they touch the kettle with their entire palm and say on the water is still warm enough and offer to pour it over your teabag. Mental. I lecture people at work on a regular basis (FRESHLY BOILED!!!). I'm only saying. ;)

Javabeansaintgeorge Sun 15-May-16 20:50:18

Sounds very good.

FreezerBird Sun 15-May-16 20:54:14

I would assume that you were familiar with Badger's Holt tearoom, in Dartmeet on Dartmoor, where they do their scones like this.

I would also ask you if you had their secret recipe and if there was even a hint of a 'yes', possibly waterboard you until you gave it to me.

Also, just to stick my oar in: CREAM FIRST

PreAdvent13610 Sun 15-May-16 20:57:39

1 lb plain flour, third of a packet of salted butter (fridge cold), 5tsp baking powder, about 10fl oz milk (stir in a tsp natural yogurt as homogenised milk does not sour nicely).
Pre heat oven to gas mk 7
Blat the flour and butter (chopped) in a food processor (much quicker than rubbing in), stir in baking powder and a couple of tsp of sugar and or a pinch of salt if you want or MIL is coming to stay . Transfer to large bowl. Mix in most of the milk with on ordinary table knife (you might need a bit more or less depending on your flour). Bring together to a soft dough, The steam generated makes them rise.
Dump onto a floured counter, chop into three and half arsedly knead each bit into a ball. Do not do proper kneading. Pat down until about an inch thick. Pop the discs onto a lightly greased baking sheet and score each one into six, only going half way through. Brush with beaten egg mixed with a little bit of milk, don't slop it into the cuts. Bake for about 14mins, if you have a gas oven swap trays over at halfway mark.

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