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To wonder which would be better

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Thebrowntrout Sat 14-May-16 21:31:15

Buy a (small) house in a horrible area with schools littered with social problems or

Rent a home in a nicer area to access better school?

PPie10 Sat 14-May-16 21:45:56

Rent in the nicer area, no brainier.

PPie10 Sat 14-May-16 21:46:07


Thebrowntrout Sat 14-May-16 21:49:59

Do you think? I thought hone ownership might be more beneficial.

araiba Sat 14-May-16 21:59:35

why would living in your own home in a shit area be beneficial?

ZigZagIntoTheBlue Sat 14-May-16 22:01:11

To get the best chance at increasing equity you're meant to buy the worst house in the best area you can afford,then when you make it nice it massively increases in worth.

Thebrowntrout Sat 14-May-16 22:02:25

Well, because you own it, don't you? smile Not at the mercy of landlords etc.

Fourormore Sat 14-May-16 22:05:55

I'd rent too. Especially if you've got children.

araiba Sat 14-May-16 22:19:14

as you mentioned schools i presume you have kids and the best thing you can do to help kids is give them a good education

equity in a slum wont help your kids

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