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To be okay with occasional visits from my family since giving birth?

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JayDot500 Sat 14-May-16 05:13:18

Short story; got married, moved 45-60mins away from my entire family, who live with 10-20 mins of each other. Moved within 10 mins of DH's family. DH's family see each other most weekends. I don't see mine very often. Once a month maybe.

Had DS and all my family have come at least once, but DH thinks it's not enough. He hasn't explicitly stated this but he has skirted around the subject, especially regarding DM. I communicate with most of my close family daily via whatsapp.

I'm cool with them not coming around frequently, it's not like we go visit them all the time either! DH comes from a family that are super close in all aspects of family life, mine are just not like that. I feel annoyed that he doesn't understand that. I feel annoyed that I almost apologise on my family's behalf for not coming to see us as much as he, and his family, feel are acceptable. I would feel serious anger towards him if he ever tried to infer my family cared less about DS than his simply because they visit less.

Sigh. AIBU? Should I be upset they don't visit?

icklekid Sat 14-May-16 05:17:39

Of course you shouldn't be upset. All families are different and what your dh is used to isn't what you are used to. You are now your own family so emphasise to dh how you all want things to be. It's lovely to have family visit but also lovely to bond as just the 3 of you. You sound very normal and sensible op don't let dh worry you! Congratulations on your baby! flowers

JayDot500 Sat 14-May-16 07:37:53

Thank you smile. It's just annoying, if I wasn't coping for whatever reason, I would be okay to beg for some company from my family grin

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