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to think it's a conspiracy

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wheresthel1ght Sat 14-May-16 03:15:39

I am exhausted. It has been a horrific week and dd (2.5) has had a bad week with sleeping and has been crying screaming in her sleep several times a night. I have also been up and down with period pain and severe pain in my shoulder and neck that the bastard hospital refuse to operate on. Dp works the night shift but is off this weekend.

I went to bed at 10 utterly drained. Dd woke me at midnight screaming the house down - only half awake and before anyone got to her was screaming she didn't want daddy. I have got into bed with her to settle her as night terrors are her thing and have been since 8 months old. She has screamed every time I have started to drop back to sleep.

She finally fell back into a deep sleep 20 mins ago. Dp has been asleep since about 1230 and not uttered a single snore. Yet the second I get back into our bed he fucking starts like an absolute beast. I am now wide awake on the sofa and can still hear him bastard

I just want to bloody sleep!!! I can't even get a lie on cos dd has ballet in the morning and it's dps weekend with his older kids so they will be doing stuff whilst I take her. I could actually cry!!

Short of murdering him as he sleeps which seems justified extreme does anyone have any miracle cures for snoring????

AlwaysDancing1234 Sat 14-May-16 04:06:10

Sorry no miracle cure, just wanted you to know that you are not the only one!
DD has been sleeping terribly lately too (mixture of illness and teething) and I'm just on my knees with exhaustion.
Also have a potentially serious gynae problem and have to go for scans tomorrow which I'm shitting myself about. Very long day tomorrow too as have to attend a family gathering after the hospital appointment when all I'll want to do is go home and cry probably sad
Anyway enough woe is me, I hope you get to sleep soon OP flowers

Hopelass Sat 14-May-16 04:57:51

No but you also have my sympathy flowers I have a 2.6yo DS who is just getting over a chest infection and two weeks of bad sleep but now DP has started with it and is coughing and snoring all over the place. He's dosed up with night nurse so doesn't notice but he sounds like a train! I've kicked him into the spare room but I'm pg with #2 and suffering from insomnia. DS will be awake at 5ish and we're going on holiday this morning a 3 hour drive away which I'll have to do because DP is too ill. Arrrrggghh! We haven't even packed yet!
Sorry for the rant. I hope you manage to catch up with your sleep and not murder your DH. I feel your pain.

Only1scoop Sat 14-May-16 05:04:44

Like hell would I be going to Ballet in the morning.

Jenny70 Sat 14-May-16 05:07:10

Can DP bring the siblings to ballet then out for lunch/coffee (as a bribe)... maybe they'd love to see their sister do her ballet stuff!

wheresthel1ght Sat 14-May-16 07:55:53

Thanks for the sympathy folks! I finally fell asleep at 430.

Unfortunately dd gets very distressed if her brother and sister take her and drop her off because she wants to spend the time with them and is then a nightmare for her very lovely ballet teachers. He will be on afternoon duty so I can have a nap however.

Hilariously dd has asked why I am on the sofa and dp has told her it is because she was awake all night and I said him snoring the second I got into bed didn't help so she ran into the kitchen, dragged him out and told him he had to say sorry for waking me up snoring!!

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