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Husband not listening!!!

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Mamawingingit1234 Fri 13-May-16 23:38:15

AIBU to get angry at my husband for not listening???

For example Sunday night he's doing the lock down while I put baby to bed. I reminded him to close the livingroom doors to stop the dog going on the sofa (he's a lab and sheds EVERYWHERE) I get up on Monday morning (note he's in London for 3 days) to dog puke on the landing upstairs - because the husband didn't close the stair gate and to dog puke on the sofa!

Or to just 10 minutes ago when I went upstairs to change a nappy and found her last dirty nappy on the changing table! It seems whenever he changes a nappy he leaves it out.

The other main one is actually not listening to me when I talk. I will wait like 5 minutes for a response.

Then he get annoyed that I'm annoyed! So it's either I'm a nag or I spend my days cleaning up after him, the baby and the dog!

BackforGood Sat 14-May-16 00:09:59

I'm not sure why you are having to tell him these things in the first place. Is he not capable of realising for himself ? confused
It doesn't sound like an issue of not listening - he needs to be able to notice what needs doing himself . Leaving a used nappy lying around is gross.

Mamawingingit1234 Sat 14-May-16 00:36:22

Apparently not! He's an actual man-child!! Yes the nappy thing REALLY gets to me. He usually does the nighttime and morning nappy changes so sometimes I find a few nappies out 😱

DoughNut12345 Sat 14-May-16 00:45:41

My husband is like this too. Constant micro-managing is required. No common sense at all. Frequent and unnecessary arguments. Is 43, has a degree and a very responsible job....but can not put a duvet cover on a duvet confused. Has driven me bonkers for the last 18 years. We're getting divorced now. smile

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