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Cancel The Cheque Has Just Crossed The Pond!

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SayWhat123 Thu 12-May-16 19:22:11

I was watching the most popular TV morning show today - Today Show - and SURPRISE they already had this discussion as one of their main topics! I was shocked because I read through the entire previous threads from start to finish.

I hope yall can see it in the UK. Too funny.

ilovesooty Thu 12-May-16 19:23:32

Where's the yawn emotition when you need it?

MakeItRain Thu 12-May-16 19:25:14


SayWhat123 Thu 12-May-16 19:25:24

Yawn? Why? I thought it was pretty funny. Out of the blue and I never would have guessed they had it on there, very random.

SoupDragon Thu 12-May-16 19:26:13

Where's the "if you find it so boring why did you click” emoticon when you need it?

KP86 Thu 12-May-16 19:26:46

It's in Australia and NZ as well

ilovesooty Thu 12-May-16 19:27:07

I didn't think it was particularly funny in the first place though obviously tastes vary.

The number of threads about it now has in my opinion become tedious.

ilovesooty Thu 12-May-16 19:27:49

Fair enough Soup

Point taken.

FoxesSitOnBoxes Thu 12-May-16 19:28:42

surely this was a joke?

NarpIsNotACunt Thu 12-May-16 19:28:47

Wow, those two are something. Wish we had that programme here. It makes Colleen Nolan look like Yoda

SayWhat123 Thu 12-May-16 19:30:03

Seems Anglo culture has stayed well within their extended co ethnics in all previous colonies! LOL KP86

SayWhat123 Thu 12-May-16 19:31:12

Foxes - Not a joke, people were pretty shocked someone could be so rude. That wasn't the entire segment but there ya go

PeaceLoveGonk Thu 12-May-16 19:59:24

I still don't think it actually happened.

Momamum Thu 12-May-16 19:59:46

say, thanks for that intercontinental update! . grin

SayWhat123 Thu 12-May-16 20:01:53

I posted the link Peace

KittensandKnitting Thu 12-May-16 20:02:03

peace I'm with you the thread popped up today I started reading a bit and never saw another comment from the OP..

I gave up, but someone can correct me if I am wrong smile

Momamum Thu 12-May-16 20:02:29

Ps, gonk, I wonder if it actually happened, but...hey-ho.

KittensandKnitting Thu 12-May-16 20:03:21

say don't think Peace is doubting the media coverage, just that the actual situation never happened??

SayWhat123 Thu 12-May-16 20:04:41

Oh ok Kittens thanks for clarifying for me.

KittensandKnitting Thu 12-May-16 20:53:47

I might be wrong, that's just how interrupted the the comment smile

MrsTerryPratchett Thu 12-May-16 20:55:40

On the radio in Canada this morning!

Vardyparty Thu 12-May-16 20:56:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Saralyn Thu 12-May-16 21:00:45

And here it is in Norwegian:

WhatTheActualFugg Thu 12-May-16 21:02:31

I'm waiting for DM to find the couple before I believe it.

AliceScarlett Thu 12-May-16 21:02:49


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