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To be really broody

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Oysterbabe Thu 12-May-16 15:23:53

I have a DD 4.5 months but lately I've been feeling so, so broody. I can't stop lurking jealously on the conception and pregnancy boards. Half my friends are pregnant and I'm just green when they're talking about their scans and starting NCT etc.
DD was really hard work as a newborn. She was born preterm, I've exclusively expressed for her, during the first 3 months she was mostly crying and barely slept. But now she is easy and SO CUTE. She spends ages just happily lying on her playmat, giggling, smiling, batting at toys. She's no trouble at all and an absolute joy, how could I not want another? Plus I'm 35 so can't really hang about.
DH and I do hope to have a second but weren't planning on trying again until DD is 18 months. I guess I should at least wait until I've gone back to work for a while before fucking off on maternity again.. sad
Is my broodiness likely to subside once DD is mobile?

Katedotness1963 Thu 12-May-16 15:28:35

As soon as I had my first (at 36) I started fretting about him being an only child. Happily his brother was born 21 months later. Still wouldn't have minded a third, but there's no chance now.

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