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WIBU to buy the car I want not the one that is suitable?

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WhenTheDragonsCame Thu 12-May-16 12:00:28

Yesterday I had a fairly minor accident but it left my car as a write off. At least that is what I have been told so far.

I am a single parent with 3 DC, one of which is a teen and about the same size as me. We go away for the weekend at least 7 times a year (visiting relatives) and between us can have a lot of luggage. I also commute an hour each way regularly with someone else.

I think I should probably get something Astra sized but prefer small cars and would love a Mini or Fiat 500. In the 11 years I have driven all of my cars have been bought because they were the cheapest I could get and I just want one that I chose because I wanted it.

Thank you.

KurriKurri Thu 12-May-16 12:09:25

You need to stick with a truck until they are all grown and get their own cars grin

I have a friend who bought a beautiful Mini - but with the two of us in it and her dog (labrador) it is a bit cramped - for solo driving (no dog) it's lovely though.

Hope you are OK after your accident.

LupoLounger Thu 12-May-16 12:13:57

Having previously purchased the 'preferred' car over the 'suitable' one, I'd say this:

Glad I did it. Enjoyed the experience BUT didn't keep it as long as I expected to, as it being impractical put it's own kind of damper on things. Therefore there was a financial hit there.

Ended up getting something that was a hybrid between 'what I wanted' and being 'suitable'.

Could you afford to hire a car on those 7 trips a year? It's a fair whack of money, I'd guess. Is public transport and option for those trips of would that be a massive turn off? What are your feelings on buying a 'banger' and sticking your DCs in it for those trips? Is it practical to downsize on the luggage for the trips? Are you happy to accept the depreciation hit if it turns out you cant live with the car?

What you're feeling is perfectly natural, and I totally empathize. Just make sure you've asked yourself the harder questions first.

WhenTheDragonsCame Thu 12-May-16 12:17:19

I knew I was being unreasonable sad

I am not injured at all thankfully. My car is 10 years old so it didn't take a lot of damage to write it off.

LupoLounger Thu 12-May-16 12:22:07

You're not being unreasonable. It's totally reasonable smile

Just make sure you can live with the consequences of your decision, worst case. Then you can do whatever you decide with a cheery smile.

Again, whichever way you call it, it's not unreasonable.

Fear of Write Off is an awful bloody thing. Experiencing it right now. Stress you can live without, huh? smile

spongebob5 Thu 12-May-16 12:26:35

I've had a Fiat 500, a nice looking car but not great to drive & I found it heavy on petrol. It's a town car, not really for distances , which is why I sold mine. I've just bought a 2010 mini clubman, I love love love it! the boot is tiny though could always get a roof box ? There's plenty of room in the back seats for tall DCs/adults.

LupoLounger Thu 12-May-16 12:32:38

@spongebob5 - I didnt like to say but I wasnt impressed by the 500 to drive/sit in. Looks a million bucks from the outside, but the twinair model I drove felt pretty... raw? But to each there own. Just follow the universal rule of car buying: test drive everything - twice if you can ;)

Roofbox is a great suggestion actually. Love it! I hope you see it OP. Perhaps it's the compromise that could work for you?

WhenTheDragonsCame Thu 12-May-16 12:35:41

The car I currently own is a Toyota Yaris and the boot on that is tiny!

spongebob5 Thu 12-May-16 12:42:29

Lupo, it was a twinair that I had. Even worse was when I had a courtesy car from the garage, a standard 1Litre 500 , God it went like a sluggrin.

wasonthelist Thu 12-May-16 12:43:36

There's a huge range of cars called "Mini" now including that pig-ugly golf sized one that you can even have in 4 wheel drive version - so if you could stand to look at it, you'd get something Astra-sized that say's Mini on it.

wasonthelist Thu 12-May-16 12:44:14

oops - random apostrophe fail - no idea why I did that.

LupoLounger Thu 12-May-16 12:47:38

The car I currently own is a Toyota Yaris and the boot on that is tiny!

Not wanting to play the "mine's smaller than yours" game (first and last time I'll ever say that), but I used to drive a VW Lupo - don't talk to me about tiny! Two shoe boxes and a bag of chips filled that up ;)

Joking aside, if you can cope with a Yaris now, and the kids luggage is only likely to get smaller as they get older (less changes of clothes, massive toys etc) I reckon the world is your oyster!

Good luck. Happy hunting x

WhyCantIuseTheNameIWant Thu 12-May-16 12:48:38

I'm the opposite. I prefer BIG cars. Well, Mondeo size. I just feel less vulnerable. Especially on the motorways.
How does everybody cope on the trips? If they get on with it OK, a mini won't be much different. If they hate being squashed, it might be time to look at something bigger.

WhereYouLeftIt Thu 12-May-16 12:51:05

You don't have to go as big as an Astra to fit 4 and a lot of luggage comfortably. I drive a Honda Jazz, which is 3.9m long compared to the Astra's 4.42m. That compares to a Mini, 3.82m for a 3-door or 3.98m for a 5-door. A Fiat 500 is 4.15m!

HesSpartacus Thu 12-May-16 12:55:25

The Honda Jazz might be a good compromise? It has a surprisingly big boot and doesn't use much petrol. I had one as a courtesy car recently. Plus there are 5 seats, so plenty of space for bags between the 2 dcs who will have to sit in the back on long trips.

WhenTheDragonsCame Thu 12-May-16 13:18:19

LupoLounger that makes my Yaris seem spacious grin

If I had a roof box could it be taken off or are they quite light when empty? I am just thinking fuel consumption.

I will look at Minis and Honda Jazz, thank you for the recommendation.

MillionToOneChances Thu 12-May-16 13:21:55

Roof boxes are easy to put on and off, but the roof bars are a little more fiddly. I'm having a similar car dilemma myself at the moment.

MillionToOneChances Thu 12-May-16 13:22:14

You need somewhere to store the roof box though...

PinkSnowAndStars Thu 12-May-16 13:22:22

Def a Honda Jazz! I love mine! Recently I fitted 2 high back boosters and a car seat across the back. It's massive for luggage in the boot too!!

LupoLounger Thu 12-May-16 13:23:23

Normally they're some sort of ABS plastic, therefore they're quite light when empty. You don't have to be Geoff Capes to handle them in my experience.

When you look at the cars, ask the dealers if they have a roof-box you can fettle with.

I wouldn't like to run a car with a roof-box on the whole time for the same reason as you. Plus, I don't like it as a 'look' for day-to-day affairs.

HereIAm20 Thu 12-May-16 13:29:50

How old is the teen? Because if they are potentially going to learn to drive during the course of the "life" of this car perhaps you should go for something like a Clio or Corsa which is dirt cheap to insure a teen for. Just something else to add to the confusion.

WhenTheDragonsCame Thu 12-May-16 13:31:19

I am getting a shed at the end of this month for the DCs bikes so could store the roof box in there when not in use.

At the moment anything that can't fit in the boot goes under the younger DCs feet as they are both still too short to touch the floor.

BarbaraofSeville Thu 12-May-16 13:34:18

There are bigger than normal versions of both the Fiat 500 and the Mini - would either of those appeal?

I have a tiny car (Skoda Citigo) and it's mostly great, even fine on motorway. The boot isn't too bad a medium sized suitcase or a grocery shop fits in there easily enough - if 4 of you are just visiting relatives for the weekend, do you really need 'a lot of luggage'?

What I do regret is that it is 3 doors - I have started carrying passengers when I didn't really before and it's quite hard to get in and out of the back. Legroom isn't great for anyone apart from v young DCs either.

BarbaraofSeville Thu 12-May-16 13:36:21

Carrying a roofbox round all the time will negatively impact on fuel consumption but shouldn't be too difficult for you and the teen to put on and take off when you need it.

WhenTheDragonsCame Thu 12-May-16 14:20:33

BarbaraofSeville we normally have a small suitcase and 2 small childrens cases for the younger 2 DC. The teen takes at least one bag as she stays there for the school holidays. We could probably cut down on the number of toys, teddies, blankets and pillows grin

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