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to ask for clarification on the NHS 18 week RTT rules

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QuadrupleL Wed 11-May-16 23:50:57


I need some advice and I have spent hours searching and I am sure I have missed something, but .. .

My husband has been having all sorts of issues with balance and pains and head aches. Has had this for 2 years. GP referred him to hospital in around May last year. After about a 6/8 week wait he got an appointment. I took the day off work, was notified 2 days before that it had been canceled and needed to make a new one.

This went on for AGES! in then end, he wasn't actually seen until 9th December. Saw a locum, she said he needed some more tests. This led to an MRI on 22nd Dec. Waited and waited for results from this, chased it up with GP, they had heard nothing. Meanwhile, optician had referred him to hospital for eye clinic as they could see something pushing into his eye from behind it.

He went for another MRI scan start of April although was told nothing about the first scan. Had a phone call around 25th April saying he had a Meningioma tumor across his brain. And that's it basically. We have heard nothing since!!! He has been to GP as he is not coping with the stress so is on large dose of Anti-D's (has a history of depression anyway).
He does have an appointment next week but that is for his eyes, and whilst the condition to is obviously linked I am not sure these appointments are?

I don't know if I am being unreasonable to expect something more at this point. I am a teacher, so it is hard to take time off, but I have asked him to book a GP appointment that I can go to with him, He has been struggling big time with his memory, so I want to make sure that I actually know what is happening. When we go to the GP, do I have any grounds to insist that the treatment is sped up in some way given the referral was in May? I have never had any dealings with NHS apart from having my babies and then occasional GP visits for normal illness. Is this normal?

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