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To at least expect a head bump form?

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Jitterybug Wed 11-May-16 21:32:45

I admit I am probably being pfb, but I'm feeling a bit miffed that nothing was said about ds (5) head bump.

He has a lump almost the length of his forehead which was turning purple and very sore. It happened this afternoon at school, nothing was said to his grandma on pick up and no note in his bag.

He said the teacher applied a cold compress, so they were aware of it, a big wooden box hit him on the forehead.

Aibu to expect at least a note in his bag? I thought all head injuries meant a note?

This is the 2nd time its happened. Other smaller bumps have been reported but the two big ones, nothing.

starry0ne Wed 11-May-16 21:35:45

We used to have ours taped to bag.. But due to them getting lost now do text system....What system do your school have.

Jitterybug Wed 11-May-16 21:38:04

I've had notes in bags before and mentioned at pick up.

Littlepeople12345 Wed 11-May-16 21:39:34

Id be very cross about that, I'd have words with the school.

strawberrie Wed 11-May-16 21:42:47

At our school, they ring you there and then to inform you of head knocks, even really minor ones, leaving a voicemail if necessary. There's also a pro forma note comes home.

In your shoes I'd be wanting to know both a) the circumstances surrounding a box falling on his head! And b) why the communication fell down in this instance.

AnotherStitchInTime Wed 11-May-16 21:43:36

I'd be cross about that too. It should have been mentioned at pick up.

We had similar with Dd1. DH turned up to pick her up and found her to have a massive dark purple bruise over her whole cheek. No phone call even though she had spent the afternoon with the first aider. She had concussion, started falling over and slurring her speech once home. Words were had.

Jitterybug Wed 11-May-16 21:46:55

Oh god I hate confrontation, but I'm going to have to say something aren't I?

I was really brave last time and mentioned it, so surprised it's happened again. Last time was quite a big bump, but this one is much worse.

The seemingly minor ones always seem to get a note sent home, so I don't understand it.

Ameliablue Wed 11-May-16 22:07:40

I would expect a letter. My daughter gets bump letters on a fairly regular basis, the only time they don't give a letter is when the bump had happened around home time and I've been sent to pick her up from the office.

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