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If this was a relationship these things would be serious red flags (sort of light hearted)

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DependencyInjection Wed 11-May-16 16:17:45

(This is about a job interview and employment process but I am a bit f* Uber-AIBU).
Say I had four dates with someone and after those four dates that someone said they wanted to be "serious" and you go yeh cos it's pretty much your ideal.

They want a copy of your passport - just so you can confirm you are who you say you are.

That someone then wants to do a hair strand test to check your recent history of drink and drugs.

Then they want to do a credit check on you to make sure your "kosher" with money.

They want a bank statements showing that pay from previous employers has gone into your account.

Then they want the contact details of all your previous relationships, to check you were in a relationship.

They want to contact the police to make sure you've not been arrested.

Then for "gaps" like travelling, they want you to provide flight tickets and hotel reservations.

If you've been out of work, they want to see your JSA card for those period of unemployment.

If you're been a SAHP and looking after the kids, they want a third party reference to show you were a SAHP and doing the school run.

FFS if my OH asked for all that after the fourth date, I and any one of you would have run a mile, well maybe not because it's pretty much my ideal.

What AIBU-ing me is the intrusiveness of it all, the fact they have all the electronic copies of the above and I doubt if they'll (like most businesses) comply with Data Protection (don't kid yourself - your business is not trashing data after it's need has expired you really think IT goes though every server and workstation its been on as well as clearing out any back-ups and caching DB's), and that around 60-80% (depending whose statistics you believe) of UK companies have undergone a data breach and while doing all of the above the fact that their web app for the data, crashed while I was doing it exposing the underling system providers information, an actual system breach.

It was the bit about proving "Looking after Children" that totally F-ed me off. You now have to give a five year reference because you wanted to nurture your children. SIS just ask you for the permissions to do the checks, not ask you to do all the bloody work for them.

Buckinbronco Wed 11-May-16 16:19:39

Who on earth does your OH work for that asks all this? The only vauegely normal request is the credit check if he's in financial services

Buckinbronco Wed 11-May-16 16:21:09

Oh and obviously passport is standard

HackerFucker22 Wed 11-May-16 16:21:40

Just to be clear OP, you've had 4 interviews and they have asked you for all the above information??

Discogeek Wed 11-May-16 16:24:29

Crikey that's a lot of very specific information they need. Who on earth needs that level of detail??

I work with vulnerable people and needed an enhanced DBS check when starting my last couple of jobs but I've not been asked for half that information.

DreamingofItaly Wed 11-May-16 16:27:57

If I understand, and this is all in the pursuit of a job, YANBU. This is crazy. A copy of your passport, yes. Details of two references who can verify your ability, yes. Bank statements, flight tickets, proof of being a SAHM? Abso-fucking-lutely not. Any career breaks are discussed during the interview process and if the company is satisfied they offer the role, if not, they don't!

Don't give the info and get another job. If this is a relationship thing, LTB!

DependencyInjection Wed 11-May-16 16:47:23

Things that got me is that there is NO Legal Requirement for a passport and no identity card in the UK, say I didn't have a passport.

I forgot they "Needed" needed a Birth Cert to show I was born in the UK too.

Frankly my National Insurance number is all that is needed at most.

Having been FCA Compliant for donkeys years, there is no need really for Credit Check as it proves nothing at all. And they didn't do an anti-money laundering check and I certainly have no connection to Yemeni Bakeries (that's a joke from one of my compliance courses on money laundering).

It was the list of paperwork to prove you were a SAHP, five year reference, P60, HRMC and Child Benefit paperwork and bank statements showing it had been paid to me. WTF.

DependencyInjection Wed 11-May-16 16:56:40

DreamingofItaly I've been offered the job, the contract is sitting under my laptop right now, this is all their third party verification company, pretending to earn their money - by getting me to do all the grunt work.

It's not a relationship thing, but the list of req's from the third party started making me thing of all the MRA-er's and MGTOW-er's who think that meaningful relationships need to be reference checked and if a prospective future partner asked for any of those, I'd be running a mile.

ChaostheCat Wed 11-May-16 19:10:23

I had an internal interview for the authority I worked for a few years back and was asked to supply passport, NI details & exam certs. I'd been working for them at least 10 years at this point.

MrsTerryPratchett Wed 11-May-16 19:16:38

If it's with MI6, fine. Otherwise WTF?

AuntJane Wed 11-May-16 19:24:18

Sounds like Diplomatic Vetting, except it doesn't ask for details of everyone you have shared an address with for the last 10 years. Foreign Office, by any chance?

It's financial services vetting. The OP mentions the FCA. Standard stuff for people who may be dealing with very large amounts of someone else's money.

DependencyInjection Wed 11-May-16 20:57:52

It is financial services and it's not dealing with money at all it's case management.

I once though about applying for a job with SIS and all they asked for was for the permission to vet you.

Frankly as I had to supply all the stuff (including my Post Graduate Dip and MSc cert and the University contact info), all they are doing is just reading my personal info.

Thing is companies like this aren't regulated or compliant, so they now got all my personal and banking info so that they can identity steal.

The shit bit is that I can't prove the SAHP, it never crossed my mind that three years ago I'd have to keep any paperwork and I would have show that I was running the kids to school, picking them up, having fun with them in the school holidays and being a bloody actual parent.

It that I can't prove being a SAHP that really pisses me off, because if I fail the vetting I have the job offer retracted, because computer says no

shamelessmailhack Wed 11-May-16 21:11:12

My DH works in financial services and had a standard credit/background check but none of that other stuff! Drug tests? Having to prove you've been travelling? Yeah it'd be a red flag for me.

Cantstopeatingchocolate Wed 11-May-16 21:33:04

There are two tables of docs that employers need to see to confirm you have the right to work in the UK.
If you have a UK passport then that's all you need from column one.
If not then you need two pieces from column two. Birth certificate and NI number are two from the list along with national ID cards and the like from foreign nationals.
This is required to be held on file or the company risk a fine for anyone employed illegally.

RaeSkywalker Wed 11-May-16 21:44:59

I had 3rd party vetting for a graduate job. I had to send scanned copies of all my certificates- GCSEs, AS Levels, A-Levels and Degree. The company called me to ask me about them and one of the questions was "what date did you sit each GCSE?". They weren't happy with 'June 2003', they wanted the actual date. I told them I didn't have a clue as I hadn't kept my study diaries from 5 years previously. The interviewer made a huffing noise and said I'd made life "very difficult" for her!

DependencyInjection Wed 11-May-16 21:57:03

Cantstopeatingchocolate that may be the case for the employer but this is their third party vetting company.

RaeSkywalker, that rather overkill for gcse, also I would have though that the Award of the gcse is much more important than when the ink hits the paper

OwlinaTree Wed 11-May-16 22:02:44

Are your children's birth certificates proof of SAHPing?

OwlinaTree Wed 11-May-16 22:03:35

What date did you sit each GCSE? grin

RaeSkywalker Wed 11-May-16 22:15:27

Dependency exactly, massive overkill! I still got the job so it obviously wasn't a deal breaker. At the time I was really worried- first step into new career, thought it was standard, etc. Would laugh at the question now!

Owlina grin

DependencyInjection Wed 11-May-16 22:17:30

OwlinaTree Nah didn't want proof of children or that I'm married, kids are just an inconvenience to the workforce, and its best to pretend that they don't exist, like spinach in the teeth. Also I'm way to old for gcse's mine were cse's.

Mind you perhaps I should perform my own check on the Employee Screening company, they only have a networth of 40k, 10 employees and their web site where you have to put in the information broke twice while I was using it, spewing out enough information for a semi skilled script kiddie to hack it and get personal sensitive data.

DreamingofItaly Wed 11-May-16 22:28:45

OP, I'd go back to the company employing you and double check. It's possible they haven't a clue their "screening" company is asking for all this. Just a curious "if I can't provide xyz does that mean you rescind your offer of employment?" I've worked in financial services, and have a number of friends with varying degrees of security clearance and this is more info than I've ever heard of being needed unless, as MrsTerry says, it's for some crazy national security spy level stuff, at which point, that's fair play and they'd want to interview your nearest and dearest too.

Yes, check with the employer, it's too much for a case management role IMHO.

DependencyInjection Wed 11-May-16 23:01:29

DreamingofItaly "if I can't provide xyz does that mean you rescind your offer of employment?" One of the clauses in the job offer was Passing the screening. If I can't prove SAHP-ing, I don't pass the screening??? Thanks for that though, It could be that the employer has asked for three years and the shit bag amateur third party screening company is going over the top.

Your right, I've worked for the UK's two largest broadcasters, One of the Big four Management Consultancies, The second largest Global Re-Insurer and a few other Big fucking Rich Global Finance companies and none have ever asked for this shit. Passport, NI, reference and a credit check - tada. And I can speak from authority about SIS as they approached me to consider analysis just after I completed my Masters, for years it was a standing joke between my and my OH as the business card with the contact PO box I was given kept on turning up like a bad penny in the house, in the strangest of places.

eldora5593 Mon 11-Jul-16 13:08:19


What happened with this, did the company actually withdraw the offer? I'm currently waiting on a screening company to do a similarly in depth background check on me for a graduate scheme job at a Consulting firm. The amount of detail they require is crazy, all previous addresses for 10 years, all jobs for the past 5 years, accounting for any gaps in employment in this time too. I seem to have got the date that I left wrong at a minimum wage job at a pub that I worked at over three years ago and they have come back to me querying this.

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