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To think choose and book should mean I can choose and book?

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BusStopBetty Wed 11-May-16 13:43:43

Saw gp who referred me to the hospital. Received a letter instructing me to choose and book. Brilliant, I think. How convenient! Went online to find no appointments available. Not a single one at any hospital. Called the helpline to be told that department doesn't use choose and book, but that they'd passed on the request and an appointment would be received within 14 days.

14 days pass. Receive a letter advising they have the referral and will send out an appointment at some point in the future. Which, undoubtedly, will have to be changed because it'll be a date I can't do. Now some weeks in and still no flipping appointment.

Why waste resources on sending letters asking me to do something I can't, then booking people in for dates they can't do? Why?

I have referred it to pals as being a massive waste of time and money if every referral to that department gets this letter - it's a busy department so I understand the wait, but stop wasting resources! I have yet to receive a response from the hospital.

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