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To be annoyed by the super rich flaunting their wealth whilst normal people struggle

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Mrskeats Wed 11-May-16 11:06:57
Some people have no shame

KondosSecretJunkRoom Wed 11-May-16 11:21:57

Well, tbh, think it's better that the wealthy spunk as much of their money on tat as possible, there will be a joiner who is £10k richer after making that monstrosity somewhere.

I think if we start pointing at individuals and their conspicuous displays of wealth it turns into a conversation about personal morals which is a missed opportunity to have a proper conversation about capitalism, politics and poverty.

Alisvolatpropiis Wed 11-May-16 11:24:10

She's just living her privileged life, the media choose to report it.

WorraLiberty Wed 11-May-16 11:29:37

That's hilarious.

Someone in the media writing a pointless story, complaining about pointless media coverage? grin

I don't see why anyone should have 'shame' when spending their own money, as long as they're not spending it to hurt/maim/kill others.

Flumplet Wed 11-May-16 11:37:06

Look at it this way OP. They've got more money than sense. There are lots of ridiculously rich people out there, but there are even more normally wealthy people who are ready to get their hands on that cash by any means they can, and they'll happily over price useless tat that the super-rich cant help but lap up (due to the lack of sense). So they're being had, left right and centre but they dont really even realise it. I watched a programme called super rich christmas once and i actually ended up feeling a little bit sorry (not that much obvs) for the super richers as they were literally being milked day in day out!

MintJulip Wed 11-May-16 12:02:39

so you want to be super rich? But if you did, then you would be glaring out at hello at us.

Or perhaps children who live in slums in India look at you living in a house, with a roof, and a proper working loo and a kitchen? and think you are flaunting your wealth.

dont compare yourself to other people. enjoy your own life.

Mrskeats Wed 11-May-16 12:12:04

I am enjoying smile)
Serve me right for opening hello article
True re joiner who made it I guess
There is such a gap between rich and poor in this country now that it makes me sad

BigbyWolf Wed 11-May-16 12:25:02

I fail to see how she is 'indifferent' or 'ignorant' to the housing crisis because she chose to have a playhouse built for her daughter; however much it cost.

Is she supposed to give up all her riches to fund the building of new homes?

She has money. She's spending it on whatever the hell she wants and why shouldn't she? It's none of anyone else's business.

Jealousy is not an attractive trait.

Mrskeats Wed 11-May-16 12:26:49

I'm far from jealous
It's just vrass

Mrskeats Wed 11-May-16 12:27:00


ItsLikeRainOnYourWeddingDay Wed 11-May-16 12:27:46

She could either keep it in the bank or spend it. Id rather she spent it. The wood yard, the painter, the joiner, the courier etc have all made money from this. What's wrong with that?

BigbyWolf Wed 11-May-16 12:28:10

Sorry OP, I was actually thinking of the author of that article when I wrote about jealousy.

Mrskeats Wed 11-May-16 12:30:52

Well it's hello so it's all fawning over the tick and famous so who knows
I've taught in schools where some children come in hungry with families that are clearly struggling
The gap just seems ridiculous to me

SaucyJack Wed 11-May-16 12:32:20

I think there are a lot more deserving targets of this kind of bile than the Ecclestones.

MorrisZapp Wed 11-May-16 12:34:13

Shit article, and sexist too I dare say. My DP probably spends 10k on his golf hobby every few years as do many thousands of new. But here's a woman buying something silly.

How much is a season ticket at Chelsea these days?

seasidesally Wed 11-May-16 12:35:01

blimey if i was loaded i would have the best/indulge myself and others

regarding TE she has had wealth all her life,she know's no differrent,spending £200 on a bikini and having 6 holidays this year is normal life to her,i really dont think you can expect any differrent

SeaWitchly Wed 11-May-16 12:35:30

I agree OP.

That money could be better utilised elsewhere and it is obscene that she flaunts her material goods and spending when there are people struggling, medical treatments unable to be offered due to lack of funds, children's centres closed.

TE could have paid for ten smaller houses to be distributed to children's hospitals and imo this would have had the dual effect of raising her media profile [publicity obviously being the oxygen she breathes] and also portraying her as a good sort and offering the approval of her adoring public.

But ultimately it is her money to spend as she wishes and she will continue to spunk it away on marble baths, chanel clothing for her daughter and paying for Beyoncé or some such star to perform at her birthday party.

Your mistake OP was in purchasing that celebrity trash magazine and perpetuating the cycle of 'celebrities' being lauded for their plastic surgery looks and extravagant home and belongings grin

InSpaceNooneCanHearYouScream Wed 11-May-16 12:38:16

I've got an idea. Why doesn't she spend a couple of hundred quid on a playhouse like normal people and give nine grand to charity. Then her daughter might not become a horrible spoilt brat. I hate the way the super rich spend obscene amounts of money when they could be using it to help people. OP- YANBU

seasidesally Wed 11-May-16 12:42:32

do you seriously expect TE to buy a Little Tikes play house and buy Sophia's clothes from Asda

next she will be expected to shop in Lidl and Aldi

SeaWitchly Wed 11-May-16 12:42:38

Agree with you too InSpace.

Also I really like that article you linked to Mrskeats. Made the point very eloquently and succinctly.

thecatfromjapan Wed 11-May-16 12:42:51

I guess you're not buying the whole: "It's an incentive to the poor(er) to work harder and try and attain more in this free world of ours" line, then?

Honestly, OP, have you thought about perhaps doing the lottery, or going in for 'Britain's Got Talent' or the 'X Factor'? You could get lucky ...

Or perhaps you can find someone poorer than you and just ... watch them for a bit a feel smug. Or blame 'immigrants'.

(Obviously, I'm kidding - but it seems to be how these things work.)

Mrskeats Wed 11-May-16 12:43:28

I didn't buy it it was linked from the guardian

Yeeeoooo Wed 11-May-16 12:43:33

The richest 1% pay 30% of all taxes, that's net after all the avoidance etc, the bottom 50% pay nothing leaving the other 49% to pay the other 70%, aibu to think we have a fair system?

thecatfromjapan Wed 11-May-16 12:45:01

... and the poorest make the rich rich because they give their labour at less than the rich sell the ends of that labour for.

Fuck off the stupid "the altruism of the rich" line.

pigsDOfly Wed 11-May-16 12:45:37

I have no idea who Tamara Ecclestone is but really can't see what the problem is with her spending her own money on something for her child.

Should she hide it under her mattress in case spending it offends someone? How much exactly is she allowed to spend on this sort of thing? What is the permitted spend on extravagances for the very rich?

I think having a great big huge telly in a small living room is crass and won't be buying one any time soon but I have no problem with anyone else having one. It's their money they can spend it on anything they like.

Whilst very few people can afford to spend that sort of money on a child's toy, she can. What it's got to do with anyone else or the housing crisis is beyond me.

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