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Hormones Making Me Irrantional?

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LouBlue1507 Wed 11-May-16 00:29:00

Hi Ladies, I'm sorry, I just need to vent...

So I'm 31 weeks pregnant and feel like my hormones are turning me into a nutter! I've just blown up with my OH over sugar FFS! Sugar!?

I asked my OH to get some sugar on his way home today as he asked if we needed anything... He text to say he forgot his wallet but 'don't worry I'll come home, get my wallet and nip to shop when I get home... Anyway OH gets homes and doesn't go back out for sugar, we both forgot fair enough... At about 9pm (fancying our usual brew and biccy before bed) I ask OH to get sugar so we can have a brew... Oh no I'm not going now there's enough for you to have a brew in the morning... I say there's no sugar,, yes there is.. No there isn't... Ok fine... Anyway 11pm I go to the kitchen to lock up, have a look in the sugar pot and low and behold no sugar! Yes petty but I was fuming.. He couldn't be arsed to check!

I'm just fed up... It's the one and only thing I've asked of him today. I've made him tea, spent 2 hours doing an application form for him for tomorrow as he hasn't had time, I've washed and put away his clothes and the one thing I ask of him, he doesn't do!

I know it's my hormones but it's so fucking frustrating! It's not really about the sugar it's the fact it's just the one thing I asked of him. I'm struggling, he knows, I'm getting 3 hours sleep max a night and in quite a lot of pain! I just wish he'd realise how it upsets me!

He's quick to say sorry and 'I was too busy enjoying spending time with you' bullshit! You've been on your phone all night playing a stupid game!! Grrrrrr!

Sorry again for the rant haha! x

LouBlue1507 Wed 11-May-16 00:30:49

Woah it really does make you feel better writing it all out!

echt Wed 11-May-16 06:07:12


And "Irrantional" should be a word. It really sums up that kind of

DeadGood Wed 11-May-16 06:41:49

YANBU. Hope you feel better soon. Ask for a conciliatory foot rub x

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