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To be miffed about this

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VeryNaice Tue 10-May-16 19:40:15

My DS has been going to a childminder 3 days a week for just under a year. He absolutely loves it and she is brilliant with him. However, a situation has arisen in the last week and I'm not sure whether I am being unreasonable for feeling a bit miffed about it.

The childminder looks after 2 children, my DS and another child (A). They are both 2 years old. They have both been attending for around a year and are good friends who play together well.

Recently I learned (from another parent - not from the childminder herself) that child child A would be attending a morning session at a local nursery followed by an afternoon session at the childminders. Thought nothing of it as other people's childcare is none of my business. Thought it was a bit odd that the childminder didn't mention it to me though.

In order to make the arrangement work, the childminder has to collect child A from the local nursery around 1-1.30pm. This means my DS is missing his afternoon nap or cutting it very short. He is an overtired mess and it is really affecting his behaviour in only a short time. His nighttime sleep is also affected which means we are exhausted too.

AIBU to think this should have been discussed with us first? Especially as it is impacting on DS's routine. We've worked hard to get him in a good routine and I feel like it is rapidly getting a bit out of control.

Would you bring this up? Does it make me sound unreasonable?

bubblegurl252 Tue 10-May-16 20:20:45

I would bring it up with the childminder and see if you could work out a way around it. When my daughter started preschool I had to shift her routine a bit.
I do however think they should've at the very least told you about this since it does have a direct effect on your child.

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