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Come and tell me if you think I am being a wimp

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fightingschoolbattles Tue 10-May-16 17:31:48

DD is 13 but has some learning difficulties. The head leader is aware as I spoke to him and it is on forms but the others as far as I am aware aren't. I don't have any contact with them as the activity takes place at DDS school but not by school staff.

DD has just told me they are going orienteering tomorrow. The head leader is not in. They are being dropped off in twos and have to make their way back using map and compass.

DD is the youngest. She is very young for her age. The child she will likely go with also has some sen. She doesn't know the area at all.

They have been told by the person running the session they will have to hand their phones in so they cannot use google maps.

Aibu to not want my sen child in an area she doesn't know with no phone or am I being massively PFB?

smokeybandit Tue 10-May-16 17:47:08

You have to let dc's sometimes do things that would make you feel a bit uncomfortable BUT you know your child best and how she may cope. I don't think you're being a wimp, just a concerned parent. Can you speak to anyone for reassurance before they go?

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