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"Eyes lit up like a chav in a Burberry shop"

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lanbro Tue 10-May-16 10:36:30

AIBU in thinking jokes like this aren't really suitable for a kid's entertainment show?

On holiday in Spain and it's been raining for days so might be a bit grumpy....

FastWindow Tue 10-May-16 10:41:01

Yep you're understandably grumping. smile That joke was meant for the adults and would gone straight over the kids heads, partly because its so outdated!!

Hope the sun comes out for you. Have some wine instead!!

AndTakeYourPenguinWithYou Tue 10-May-16 10:47:21

They wouldn't get it (hopefully) and its not funny anyway.

Campbell2016 Tue 10-May-16 11:05:07

With a joke like that you can understand why the 'entertainer' is working at that venue..

lanbro Tue 10-May-16 11:17:12

Believe me, everything about this holiday has been a bit of a disappointment....With no glorious sunshine to soften the edges!

SqueegyBeckinheim Tue 10-May-16 11:19:46

Did you go on holiday to 2004?

Oysterbabe Tue 10-May-16 11:24:47

Wow. Retro!

lanbro Tue 10-May-16 11:41:25


lanbro Tue 10-May-16 16:21:56

Woohoo, less grumpy now! Just booked Majorca for July, the sun had better be shining then!

RainbowJack Tue 10-May-16 17:00:06

Disgusting and classist.

I definitely think less of people who use that word.

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