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Another wedding thread - sorry!

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LadyAntonella Mon 09-May-16 14:35:44

Yes I know, I know - sorry, another wedding thread!

I'm all over the place at the minute, so please forgive me if I sound erratic. I probably am being!

I'm so annoyed with myself for agreeing to go to this. It is a wedding abroad which I am due to attend with DH. We will be bringing our toddler with us. It will be in early July and we have booked flights and hotel. It is outside the UK, but quite close by (in Europe), if that matters. Flights were cheap as chips, so hypothetically we could cancel them and losing the money really wouldn't be a big deal.

I don't know the couple well at all. DH knows the groom well and they have been friends since school. Neither DH nor I will know anyone else at the wedding.

I am a very anxious traveller (didn't used to be - I just have become so over the past few years and especially recently). DC is a young toddler, so will be hard work on the plane. We already fly a few times a year with her and I hate it. I'm just panicking about the whole idea.

I have to just suck this up don't I? It's entirely my own fault for not telling DH up front that I 100% didn't want to go - I think I was in denial as it seemed so far away. The couple seem like very nice people too and I don't want to mess up their plans - table plans, numbers for catering etc.

BeYourselfUnlessUCanBeAUnicorn Mon 09-May-16 14:38:25

What does your DH say?

I get anxious and panicky about stuff. If I do go through with it I find it was never as bad as I built it up in my head. If I pull out I feel immensely relieved and calm.

If you won't lose much money and you really think it is going to cause that much stress then pulling out earlier is better than leaving it until the last minute. Can you not incorporate a holiday at the same time at the same place?

LadyAntonella Mon 09-May-16 14:44:49

Thanks be. I haven't spoken to DH yet but I know he really wants us all to go. We can't incorporate a holiday as DH won't have enough annual leave.

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