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Raffle prize

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Headofthehive55 Sun 08-May-16 19:31:46

We won a prize in a raffle yesterday. Small raffle, drawn on the night, church hall sort of thing.
We were most surprised to find ( on getting home) that the small box of chocolates was half eaten.

I'm not cross, just quite perplexed. AIBU to expect any raffle prizes to be at least intact ( even if they are not your taste)?

Please share with me you most unusual / poor raffle prizes.

We had great fun making up scenarios whereby said prize ended up in the raffle! Did the guy at the back snaffle them during the evening...

LifeOfBriony Sun 08-May-16 19:36:14

I once won a set of those cards that the Red Cross send to everyone(?) for free. It was the last prize left at a group I go to.

TheCrumpettyTree Sun 08-May-16 19:48:22

My 3 year old ds won a jigsaw puzzle at his nursery fete. It had pieces missing. He was really upset when we made it and couldn't complete it.

It would have been easy to check as it was a floor puzzle. I was not impressed.

doodlejump1980 Sun 08-May-16 19:50:24

I once won a half used bottle of sun-tan lotion. hmm

winchester1 Sun 08-May-16 19:51:52

We've won our own contributions before which is annoying as it tends to be stuff we don't want hence giving it away.
Although we won a box of nails (mostly unused!) and a xxl working high viz jacket (OH has loads already and I need a medium) in the last few weeks so fairly weird.

BoGrainger Sun 08-May-16 19:55:46

Love these! I won a special edition of Disney's Fantasia on VHS and when we settled down to watch it we noticed the notch had been sellotaped over and some episodes of El Dorado had been recorded instead!

AnotherTimeMaybe Sun 08-May-16 20:04:15

Nothing on raffle but I was given the same Xmas present I have someone on a different occasion! Ds was given the same birthday present he gave someone at previous party hmm

age81 Sun 08-May-16 20:13:39

I won a cake (home made) at the school fete, the old biddy who made forgot to say it was sponge and it had been sat in the staff room for about 4 days before the draw.

Dd loves cake and was well chuffed at this massive cake all decorated nicely. Once we cut into it, it was green mouldy. confusedcake

freelancescientist Sun 08-May-16 20:16:40

My mum won a half eaten box of chocs once too.

I won a Peter Andre Calendar. I'd rather have the mouldy cake.

troubleinstore Sun 08-May-16 20:23:12

Age 81 ... I won a Christmas cake ... in November so saved it for well ... nearer the date, to find exactly the same - a mouldy inedible cake. Why would you make a Christmas cake in sponge in November????

PinotAndPlaydough Sun 08-May-16 20:23:32

I won a bottle of gin that had been opened and some one had obviously had a few drinks from, I still drank the rest blush who's going to turn down free gin!!!!

NerrSnerr Sun 08-May-16 20:34:45

I once won a can of pickled spinach in a raffle.

FunkyPeacock Sun 08-May-16 20:42:17

I once won a box of 4 wine glasses, with only 3 in it. Very typical raffle prize!

My friend once won a box of soaps and one of the soaps had a pube embedded in it!

Headofthehive55 Sun 08-May-16 21:34:20

freelance I really thought we must have been the only one!

I know raffle prizes are perhaps things you don't want but half bottle of sun tan lotion? The soaps! shock

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