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I'm a cult leader.. What do I get my sheep to do?

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EatShitDerek Sun 08-May-16 17:23:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mailfuckoff Sun 08-May-16 17:24:44

Tell them all to be good to each other and be nice considerate human beings

Flumpsnlumpsnstuff Sun 08-May-16 17:24:59

Start singing Oops up side your head ? grin

originalmavis Sun 08-May-16 17:25:08

Start chanting?

RatOnnaStick Sun 08-May-16 17:25:26

Start gently with good toes-naughty toes to see who's gullible a Follower

AGrinWithoutACat Sun 08-May-16 17:25:47

Yoga poses grin

YorkieDorkie Sun 08-May-16 17:26:17


MajesticSeaFlapFlap Sun 08-May-16 17:26:32

Don't go all Charles Manson on us. Use your followers for good

oliviaclottedcream Sun 08-May-16 17:27:12

Tell them you are not the messiah, you're a very naughty boy.

UmbongoUnchained Sun 08-May-16 17:27:17

Scrape your bum along the floor like you've got worms.

Foslady Sun 08-May-16 17:27:55

Shout 'I'm not the bloody Messiah' and see if anyone says 'the sign of the true Messiah, she denies herself'smile

elephantoverthehill Sun 08-May-16 17:28:07

I think it may be a little too soon in your cult to mention mass marriage, or polygamy.

Lumpylumperson Sun 08-May-16 17:28:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

eleventybillion Sun 08-May-16 17:28:46

Oops upside your head

Obvs smile

NeedACleverNN Sun 08-May-16 17:28:58

Do row row row your boat grin

originalmavis Sun 08-May-16 17:29:28

Collect subs?

EatShitDerek Sun 08-May-16 17:29:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Nairsmellsbad Sun 08-May-16 17:31:19

Point and look up at the sky as though you've seen something amazing. See how many of them you can get to do that

Arfarfanarf Sun 08-May-16 17:32:27


EatShitDerek Sun 08-May-16 17:42:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

EatShitDerek Sun 08-May-16 18:12:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Beeziekn33ze Sun 08-May-16 18:40:44

Lol! I sat on the floor in a long queue at Cadbury World. A extra guide to the next part of the attraction appeared through a side door very quickly!

Beeziekn33ze Sun 08-May-16 18:41:55

Arf, oh yes, OP should take the hat round next!

Beeziekn33ze Sun 08-May-16 18:43:21

Mavis, yes, subs, that'll sort the sheep from the goats!🐏🐑

Wolfiefan Sun 08-May-16 18:45:03

Send them round here to clean my house.
Only after that will they be ready to implement your plans for world domination.

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