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why would you think this acceptable?

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Fannycraddock79 Sun 08-May-16 08:10:47

Where we walk out dog it is beautiful, a public footpath in between farmers fields. Most people pick up after their dogs and if you're walking in a group people will tell you if they've spotted your dog pooing while running with the pack in case you haven't noticed. So I've just walked into the start of our route to find a woman with her young daughter, all togged up in gym gear with a Jack Russell watching him poo on the side of the grassy path with the dog poo bin about 15m away. They then start to hurry up and carry on walking fast away from me without picking up cue me walking at benny hill speed down the hill to catch them. On the way to catching them he does another poo again at the side of the path (path being defined by where people have flattened the grass down, it is not an actualaade path despite being a footpath, this is the countryside y'all). I catch up and say "err excuse me, you know you have to clear up the poo at the side of the path don't you?". "Oh yes, we're going to clear it up on the way back as we're running". shock so I reply "yes but it's hard to find once it's done and in the meanwhile someone will tread in it." If any of you have a dog you'll know how hard it is to find a dog poo even when you're watching them do it so I think we all know that they aren't going to pick it up on the way back despite her lifting up her gym top to show me "I've got my bags right here look". Makes me cross as lots of people walk their dogs there every morning and in the summer we take the kids on walks there and you always run the risk of them treading in it or cycling through it. So, lady with the kim kardashian booty in grey running tights, pick up your dogs shit when he does it-I do when I run even though that means running with a dangly ballsack of dogpoo until I reach the next dogbin. I mean if you were genuinely going to pick it up on the way back you could at least bag it and leave it to find on the way back.

PositiveAttitude Sun 08-May-16 09:47:44

A friend used the "going to pick it up on the way back" excuse in court a few years back when she was fined for not picking up poo. Despite her daughter being a hotshot lawyer who tried everything to get her off she ended up having a hefty fine for it!! Let's hope your runner is caught and fined too.

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