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To think this Father's Day mug is creepy?

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SalemSaberhagen Sat 07-May-16 11:05:29

Just seen this advertised on Facebook. Does it make anybody else feel uncomfortable? I just hate the weird 'always daddy's little girl' thing.

pinkyredrose Sat 07-May-16 11:09:52

I'd say it's cringy rather than creepy.

shiveringhiccup Sat 07-May-16 11:10:17


bushtailadventures Sat 07-May-16 11:11:59

YANBU, stuff like that makes me feel yucky. I'm all for telling family you love them, but can't we do it without resorting to cheesy crap like that?

FrancesNiadova Sat 07-May-16 11:14:43

Ewww, no, not my cup of tea. brew

WorraLiberty Sat 07-May-16 11:20:25

It's vomit inducingly twee

But how are you getting 'creepy'?

FirstWeTakeManhattan Sat 07-May-16 11:20:29

No, not creepy. I equally don't like slapping a bit of a sinister connotation on something just because it's cheesy and crap.

I hear parents say that 'they'll always be your little girl/boy' talking about grown up kids. It's naff, cheesy, but meant with love.

CigarsofthePharoahs Sat 07-May-16 11:25:06

I think my Dad would freak if I gave him that. He'd start asking me if I was trying to get money out of him! It's a bit saccharine, isn't it? By that I mean vomit inducing.
I don't think it's quite up there in the "creepy" category, perhaps if there was an option to photoshop a picture of your own face onto a toddler for the other side? That'd be creepy.

JeanGenie23 Sat 07-May-16 11:27:56

I agree with Manhatten it's not at all creepy, it's a sentiment I'm sure a lot of young girls would share with their dads, and I think it's edging on wrong to turn something quite loving into something sinister.

SalemSaberhagen Sat 07-May-16 11:28:20

Creepy may have been the wrong word in hindsight. But odd, saying that I may love a man but I will always be your little girl.

MilkTwoSugarsThanks Sat 07-May-16 11:28:20

Yeah - my dad would wonder what I wanted. It kind goes like this...

Me: Daddeeee....
Dad: Oh god, what do you want?

My mum responds to "Mommeeee" in exactly the same way.

I need to change tactics I think.

BillBrysonsBeard Sat 07-May-16 11:29:14

My dad said that to me once before he died and he meant it with love, but it's very twee and cheesey on a mug! Like most mug sentiments are. Don't think it's creepy though..

velourvoyageur Sat 07-May-16 11:48:20

Think Irigaray would have a ball with this grin

Scaredycat3000 Sat 07-May-16 12:00:15

I think it's creepy. I find it creepy when a parent/parents have the mindset that their child should always love them more than anyone else in their life ever. You end up with the Mother of the groom wearing black and crying at their sons wedding, I don't know what the father equivalent is. It's not healthy. You will always have a special bond with your parents, good or bad, but encouraging life long dependency, (I will always be your little girl, wtf) is not the sign of love.
Yes I know it's a just mug, but it is reinforcing gently the above.

TheNaze73 Sat 07-May-16 12:04:19

Just crap, not creepy

Branleuse Sat 07-May-16 12:05:28

eeeeew, can you imagine if it was a boy sending the equivalent to his mother

Oysterbabe Sat 07-May-16 12:06:09

It's not creepy is just cringy.

TheSecondOfHerName Sat 07-May-16 12:08:09

A husband-wife relationship is not comparable to a father-daughter relationship. One is romantic/sexual and the other shouldn't be. The text on the mug makes some people uncomfortable because it makes a comparison between these two relationships.

MakingJudySmile Sat 07-May-16 12:11:31


My mother refers to my as 'her baby' and 'lovely little girl'. Makes me feel a surge of irritation and want to tell her to fuck off.

That mug is creepy because the love between partners involes sexual attection. Parent-child love shouldn't but that mug is comparing the two causing the idea they are the same type of love. Grim.

MakingJudySmile Sat 07-May-16 12:12:28

Cross post with TheSecond

wallybantersjunkbox Sat 07-May-16 12:14:11

It was so uncomfortable reading that. confused


UnderTheGreenwoodTree Sat 07-May-16 12:23:00

I find it creepy. yanbu.

barkinginessex Sat 07-May-16 12:23:42

Urgh that is creepy! Agree with PP who said its comparing a romantic and sexual relationship with between husband and wife to a father / daughter relationship when they are nothing alike! confused

cdtaylornats Sat 07-May-16 12:27:17

To summarise the bit about her father "you'll always be an open wallet to me"

dailyfailrag Sat 07-May-16 12:27:54

Cringe. I'm in my 30s. I'm not daddy's little girl anymore. I'm a grown woman. My dad would probably just laugh if I gave him that.

Last fathers day I was looking at the gifts on Moonpig and under the 'fathers day hampers' category they had a 50 shades of grey themed box. I know it was a mistake but it made me laugh.

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