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aIbu to get really annoyed by the constant photos of people's feet on trip advisor?

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Zoefitness Fri 06-May-16 07:50:37

Sorry, this sounds really silly (I know).

I have been looking for places to go on holiday and I like to use trip advisor because you get a more accurate look at the venue without thinking that the photos have been 'air brushed' at all.

Anyway, what is really getting on my nerves are the constant photographs of a 'nice view' which becomes completely ruined by the photographers feet. The feet just ruin the photographs and well I don't want to see people's feet?!

Similarly, I don't want to see photographs of couples: hugging, kissing etc. when I am trying to get an idea of a country or hotel.

Why do people do this? Does this annoy anybody else?

Sorry I realise I have too much time on my hands at the moment (have been bed bound with an illness for the past week).

Sorry if I have offended anyone.

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