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AIBU to stick his phone somewhere (pregnancy related/lighthearted)

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lalalalyra Wed 04-May-16 16:39:01

I'm very, very pregnant. Booked for induction on Friday if baby makes no appearance (which it's showing no sign of doing).

On Monday I got a smidge snappy with the 'Any news?' texts and replied to a few people with "Shit! He's like a week old and I forgot to tell you! So sorry." They were mostly DH's relations who I know were also texting MIL so they knew there was no fucking news. They just wanted to be the first to know because they are weirdly competative and being the first to know something is really important, even when the thing they know it's important.

Anyway. For snappy reasons they've now taken to texting DH. Who quite happily ignores his phone until he can be bothered answering it. Which is a great attitude, however his phone beeps until a text is read...

He got a text 15 minutes ago and every few minutes I can hear it beeping from the table next door so I may have threatened to stick the phone somewhere if he didn't read it/turn it to silent/tell relatives to piss off. Not unreasonable to carry out the threat if he doesn't do so in the next few minutes, right?

Furiosa Wed 04-May-16 17:32:00

I remember texting someone "Fuck OFF!" when I was 40 +8 weeks when they asked "any baby yet?"blush

It's very hard when you're so close to the end but nothing is happening. Tell your DH to put his phone on silent as it's stressing the baby out.

Fingers crossed for you lyra! Baby by Friday! flowers

StarkyTheDirewolf Wed 04-May-16 17:43:11

Send them all this link.

shiveringhiccup Wed 04-May-16 18:33:38

This made me so wildly angry when I was pg!!

Can you ask DH to change the settings so it doesn't keep beeping or put his phone on silent? Or even better could he just text whoever back and tell them to back off?

PirateFairy45 Wed 04-May-16 21:03:11

Someone messaged me at 34 weeks because she went into labour then. And daily messages then till was 39weeks when I blew my top and ranted at her.

Turn his phone on silent?

GinaBambino Wed 04-May-16 21:09:47

Oh gosh this will be DPS family I can absolutely see it! I'm already getting texts about what baby wants for Christmas (he's due in June) so I'm surprised the 'have I had him yet' texts haven't started 5 weeks early. DP is exactly the same as your DH, ignores his phone but luckily his is always on silent which in itself is the most annoying thing ever as he never bloody answers the damn thing! Nbu at all. Get him to turn it on silent for a bit and give your ears a rest or read the bloody messages!

lalalalyra Thu 05-May-16 16:00:58

DH is hoping something is imminent as I ended up a snivelling, crying mess last night over the phone issue and I'm not normally a crier!

He has told his family he's fairly sure he won't forget to let them know in quite robust terms and they seem to be listening as we've have no texts today. One random phone call about something that may or may not have been a ruse, but that I can deal with.

Back to my raspberry tea and spicy curry for now! I think this one is a boy. DS was late. The girls were all early. That's science, right? hmm

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