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AIBU to ask for your help (re wedding/witnesses)

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HelpMeGetMarried Wed 04-May-16 13:18:06

I know I'm being unreasonable, posting here for traffic! Me and DP will be getting married without telling anyone (We're just doing this bit for 'legal' reasons hoping to have a renewal of vows later on with family attending etc etc) BUT we have no one we can trust enough (to not spill the beans) to ask to be our witnesses, we need 2.
I know I can pull 2 randomers off the street, but would people likely be happy to do this? have you done this (as the witness or the bride+groom?) I'm also nervous in case we can't find anyone willing and we need to cancel or postpone so would rather have someone set up if that makes sense?
Would you pay someone to do it? We're getting married in a place we don't reside or visit often because we know someone who works in the local one so in theory could post on a local buy and sell site offering a small incentive (ie bottle of wine, lift, gift voucher, tenner?) for doing it, would this work?
I appreciate any feedback!

shoofly Wed 04-May-16 13:21:02

I think it's a great idea. If I were free I'd come along. You wouldn't need to pay me either

MiddleClassProblem Wed 04-May-16 13:22:57

My parents had our neighbours do it. They didn't tell anyone. They already had me and my bro and a house so it was just a formality to them.

AdrenalineFudge Wed 04-May-16 13:23:28

Go for it, I think another Mnetter did this a couple of years ago and it was a joy all round.

TheNaze73 Wed 04-May-16 13:23:37

It's a great idea & I think most people (time permitting) would do it for nothing

GinIsIn Wed 04-May-16 13:24:52

Why not! I'm sure there are plenty of mumsnetters who'd be willing to do it! Congrats on your upcoming wedding!

MiddleClassProblem Wed 04-May-16 13:24:53

I'd do it for free if you asked me in the street, unless I had somewhere to be. That's the only trouble is finding someone with a bit of spare time

CousinChloe Wed 04-May-16 13:24:55

I'd happily do it if I were free and it wasn't too far away. Whereabouts are you in the country? I think you'd be fine finding randomers on the day if necessary though

RiverTam Wed 04-May-16 13:25:08

I know someone who did this, it was fine. Would I do it? I think if I wasn't rushing to somewhere, yes, why not?

Queenbean Wed 04-May-16 13:27:04

Mners have done it before iirc

I'll do it! When and where are you getting married?

EssentialHummus Wed 04-May-16 13:27:14

There was a brilliant thread on here a few years ago, basically asking if anyone was in Wakefield andfree to witness a wedding the next day. The wedding was lovely by all accounts - would you try something like that?

PS - if it's anywhere in SE London or surrounds I'd love to volunteer smile

ThisWasCrownjewel Wed 04-May-16 13:27:50

I'm on maternity leave for the next few weeks and am at a bit of a loose end... And I love weddings! Give us a clue as to whereabouts you are?

NapQueen Wed 04-May-16 13:28:03

Im sure some local MNers would be well up for this!

ThisWasCrownjewel Wed 04-May-16 13:28:09


RaspberryOverload Wed 04-May-16 13:28:18

If you were going to be anywhere near me, I'd be happy to offer my services. grin

Congratulations thanks

HelpMeGetMarried Wed 04-May-16 13:28:45

Thanks guys. I'm glad most of you would do it, time permitting (I was expected to be told 'er no why would I want to watch someone I don't know get married') we're looking at Glasgow at the moment as its far enough away to not bump into anyone lol (around 40 miles from where we live at the moment).

WitteryTwittery Wed 04-May-16 13:28:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

willconcern Wed 04-May-16 13:28:47

Where are you? I'd do it too if I was free.

willconcern Wed 04-May-16 13:29:09

Oh, Glasgow. A very long way from where I live!

Becky546 Wed 04-May-16 13:29:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FadedRed Wed 04-May-16 13:29:15

I'd love to be asked to do this! Agree with AdrenalineFudge that you could ask on MN and chances are you would get a couple of witnesses. I'd bring a bottle with me!
Best wishes! wine cake flowers

Jitterybug Wed 04-May-16 13:29:29

Hoping its in my hometown grin

RaspberryOverload Wed 04-May-16 13:29:43

Shame, I'm in the Midlands. But I'd bet there'll be MNers who are able to help you out grin

HelpMeGetMarried Wed 04-May-16 13:30:02

Not sure when. we're figuring out the last few bits (What ID we need etc) hoping to give notice on Friday, then as soon as we can get married after that grin

Becky546 Wed 04-May-16 13:30:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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