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To not understand why DD cries rather than sleeps (lighthearted)

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crazywriter Tue 03-May-16 15:13:20

This is lighthearted, but DH and I are constantly going on about how our DD would rather cry about being tired than actually sleep. In fact, both our DDs are like this.

The biggest culprit is DD2, who is 16 weeks. She's great on a night once you get her down. Can sometimes have a cry about going down but usually just little moans and will eventually sleep for about 10 hours. During the day is a different story. We'll cry the house down just for being tired, have a 10 minute snooze and then cry again.

DD1, who is nearly 4, is getting better at sleeping. She will now crash out if she's tired and will actually tell us she wants to go to bed if it's before her bedtime. OTher than that, she'll cry because she's tired when in the car rather than just having a wee power nap.

What is it with children and crying about being tired? Right now I have DD2 fighting sleep on me while I type again! I bet anything she'll decide to fall asleep in 30 minutes when I have to pick DD1 up from nursery and then cry because she's being moved to her car seat!

Oh the life of a mum (but I wouldn't change it).

Sorry, just had to have a little rant because it seems my friends don't really get it...although they have children of their own. My DM just likes to remind me that it's payback for me being a PITA wink She's just being funny about it and we have that sort of relationship.

Toffeecrispy Tue 03-May-16 15:16:15

Maybe its her way of smoothing herself to sleep.
I never will understand children, glad i never was one 😊

Gardencentregroupie Tue 03-May-16 15:18:23

Apparently my mother found my crying in our back garden. I told her I was crying because I was too hot. She couldn't understand why I didn't just take off my coat hmmsmile

dingit Tue 03-May-16 15:20:09

They don't improve with age. Dd17 was a steaming misery guts the other day, until it transpired she had had nothing to eat or drink. It was gone 12. I would have passed the diva a snickers, but she's allergic to nuts smile

MuddlingMackem Tue 03-May-16 15:21:27

I hear you. My DD was like this. And as her crying was like she was in agony it took us until she was around 7 months to figure out she was crying because she was tired. hmm

What I had to do was put her in her cot, for naps and at bedtime, and let her cry, turned out it was how she wound down to get to sleep, and not leaving her be to cry kept her awake. Although if she cried for longer than 30 minutes something else was wrong, that was her maximum wind down time so we had to keep an eye on the clock when we put her down.

crazywriter Tue 03-May-16 15:27:30

Toffee and Muddling With DD1 we did find that we had to leave her to cry for a bit as it was her winding down. It looks like it could be the same with DD2. It's a very distinct cry and I just have to giggle a little knowing that she's crying because she's tried, rather than just sleeping.

Thanks for the stories. I'm sure I did stuff that confused my DM. I keep hearing stories from DMIL about DH. We all have great relationships, so while they poke fun and just tell us it's payback I know it's all in a loving way.

crazywriter Tue 03-May-16 15:45:10

And just as I predicted, she's now asleep and has to be moved into her car seat. If I didn't laugh I think I'd cry grin

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