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Rinse and repeat

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Hellanddalmatian Mon 02-May-16 21:15:47

Are they just trying to make us buy more shampoo? I don't put shampoo on twice. Does it depend on how dirty your hair is?

ThisFenceIsComfy Mon 02-May-16 21:18:45

I thought it meant repeat the rinsing so you get it all out?

228agreenend Mon 02-May-16 21:20:47

IT was routine to wash your hair twice, and I always did it as a teen/young adult. I don't think people used conditioner so much then. All shampoos listed this in their instruction, and I'm not sure when it changed tomwashing your hair once. I think people wash their hair more frequently today.

heygotanygrapes Mon 02-May-16 21:21:59

I get really greasy hair and I do wonder if the first shampoo stimulates oil production in the scalp as I find if I double shampoo it feels a lot cleaner for longer whereas only one application doesn't do the job as well. I think it depends on your hair type.

Perfectlypurple Mon 02-May-16 21:23:43

I don't know how true it is but my old hairdresser said you should shampoo it twice. The first time it opens the hair out and the second time it cleans it. She said you don't need to wash it as often if you do that. It may just be bollocks though.

dudsville Mon 02-May-16 21:23:51

If I go two days I can wash my hair once but if I go three days I have to rinse and repeat. Just do what you need to.

Cressandra Mon 02-May-16 21:33:50

I read somewhere that it was one of the biggest marketing successes in history. They just wrote "repeat if necessary" on the bottle and nearly doubled their sales.

But that may be an urban myth. I think my hair can last an extra day before shampooing again if I wash it twice, but maybe I've just bought into a lie.

I wonder if hard vs soft water makes a difference. The first shampoo seems to soften the water.

SoftSheen Mon 02-May-16 21:36:50

I think this advice harks back to the days before showers, when people only washed their hair once a week or less. I should think one application of shampoo is plenty for people who wash their hair daily/every second day.

Stripedduvet Mon 02-May-16 21:41:45

For me, it depends on the shampoo. If I use Head & Dhoulders I only wash once because the shampoo is thick and I get a good lather. If I use my child's Oilatum shampoo I wash it again (usually with a different shampoo!) because it doesn't feel soft enough.

Hard vs soft water makes a difference to how much shampoo I use. At home our water is very hard. On holiday the water is usually softer and I use much less shampoo.

tibbawyrots Mon 02-May-16 21:54:45

I use baby shampoo and wash my hair first in the shower, pile it on top of my head and shower, then rinse. Daily.

My hair is shiny and soft.

suspiciousofgoldfish Mon 02-May-16 22:19:50

You need to wash twice for a thorough clean and to remove product build up, otherwise your hair can look lifeless and be harder to style.

I use all sorts of crap in mine and only wash twice per week blush so I always double shampoo.

If you don't use styling products, or you wash your hair every day, one shampoo is fine.

CrushedNinjas Mon 02-May-16 22:48:12

Baby shampoo is rubbish for cleaning your hair. It's pH level is the same as tears not hair so it's actually too alkaline for your hair. It's like washing it with perm solution. It only feels soft because you're using a silicone based conditioner afterwards. Buy yourself a decent shampoo.
Head & Shoulders is also pretty shite.

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