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AIBU to hate buying and selling on Facebook?

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ErNope Mon 02-May-16 14:43:00

Ok mostly selling, Buying isn't too bad (except for when someone is supposed to deliver an item and never turns up... Pain in the bum but not half as bad as being the seller that turns up with an item to an empty house or false address...)
1. People offer way less than you're asking. I'm not talking a tenner or 20 quid less, thats fair enough. I'm talking (In terms of cars etc, i've sold 2 both have encountered loads of chancers) 400 pounds less... on a 550 pound car with MOT... Ridiculous.
Someone once offered me £50 for a honda civic (Old one with a sunroof) even though it had no faults, Highish miles of 130k (Which the 300 pound price reflected) and 9 months MOT (With 0 advisories)...
2. People say they are interested, want to buy, then just block you, rather than saying ''Sorry i've found a better price/don't want it'' (I've no problem with mind changing, but i'd rather someone be honest about it than block me when I'm about to set off with their item in the boot of my car)
3. You get to the house and no one is in, or the people who answer (Truthfully or otherwise) have no idea of the item/person you're trying to sell to...
4. You show them the item on delivery/collection, Then they offer half the price there and then, while admitting that the item is in good/as described condition but they just can't afford asking price (Why drive to my house/make me drive to yours if you can't afford it???)
5. the sob stories! Oh the sob stories ''I'm a single mum with 3 kids i've got no money for nearly a fortnight and only £40 to last me. Will you take £40 for insert high value but non essential item of at least 200 here'' Er, no. If any of that is true, DON'T SPEND THE LAST OF YOUR MONEY ON A NON ESSENTIAL ITEM. I've had it happen over a tv, ps4 and a bundle of games...
AIBU to want to bang my head off a wall sometimes?
Some people are lovely and honest, and will just come and collect the item with no fuss cash in hand, but this is honestly less likely (i'd say about 2-3/10)
We've just found out we can relocate overseas faster than expected, so are selling a LOT of our stuff, furniture/kitchen items/clothing that we don't/won't need, Baby equipment that I bought when I had shared care of my nephew (No kids of my own atm and no plans until we're ready+settled overseas so no point keeping)... both to raise funds and keep moving costs as low as possible. So I'm encountering lots of these people.

Littlecaf Mon 02-May-16 14:53:40


"Will u take £20 n deliver Hun"

"No, sorry. As the advert says, it's in very good condition so £150, no offers and as explained, no delivery as I do not have a car."

"Didn't want it dusnt look like wat I want and iv only got 20"


ErNope Mon 02-May-16 14:57:39

Ughhhhhh I feel your pain Little.
The worst is when they offer wayyyyy less (like your situation) and then actually get uppity that you won't accept, rather than just taking it on the chin considering they were very much stretching trying their luck (I'm being generous in saying that) in the first place.....

OvO Mon 02-May-16 14:59:14

My FB selling page has STRICT rules. It does actually work because of that.

ANY breaking of rules and you get banned. There's a strict queue and rules about what is showing an interest. No offers unless they say they're open to offers. All items must have a price - no asking for people to compete. Loads more. It seems extreme but as your OP shows people are twats so need to be made to behave. grin

Bananalanacake Mon 02-May-16 14:59:26

Haven't you heard of Ebay grin

ErNope Mon 02-May-16 15:02:19

Banana I do use ebay for smaller items like clothing etc but bigger items that would need collecting don't generally sell too well, even if I put it up for bids. I've sold far too many items for less than a pound lol. FB/gumtree works better but does mean sifting through the shitheads

19lottie82 Mon 02-May-16 15:03:17

eBay isn't much better LOL

I put a brand new and boxed pair of Nike trainers RRP £80 for £38 buy it now with free postage, and I get a message "hi I can afford to pay £20 for your trainers"

I replied that's nice let me know when you have the other £17 and if they haven't been sold they're yours.

Then he starts ranting how £20 is a very generous offer and I should be grateful! hmm

You really should ignore these idiots but it's just too tempting!

19lottie82 Mon 02-May-16 15:03:39

£18 even!

Littlecaf Mon 02-May-16 16:57:09

eBay is a faff setting up. FB is easier to set up but more of a hassle overall.

And don't call me Hun! Grrr

pasturesgreen Mon 02-May-16 17:42:14

I feel your pain!

Was selling something on Facebook the other day, £xx no offers as price was already very reasonable.

Someone pipes up and comments: "Thought you were going to ask for £yy - insert price that's about 40% lower than asking price". They seemed genuinely aggrieved that I didn't sell to them hmm

ErNope Mon 02-May-16 19:29:20

They always do don't they.
I recently bought a dressing table for £300. Spent another £80 on the bits to go with it (stool, cosmetics organizer, mirror etc) put it up for sale today (still in packaging, I expected to use it for a bit longer but found out we're going to be moving a lot faster, it only arrived 2 days ago!) for £300ono. someone offered £40, I said no, they sent me a massive message pleading their case that they couldn't afford more because of being a single mum and they really wanted to get their DD a lovely present... I sent them a link to an argos one for £50 saying I sympathize but unfortunately i'm already out of pocket, they then got very nasty, gave me a load of abuse, accused me of looking down on those on benefits (She hadn't even mentioned benefits and FWIW I'm anti benefits bashing...) then blocked me... strange strange lady.
thankfully a lovely couple later came and collected it and paid £300 without fuss, but it still irks me and i've got about 500 items (big and small) to sell, some I can joblot but not much. so I've got LOTS to deal with now pmsl.

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