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To still be awake and want someone to talk to

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Shelleymoon Mon 02-May-16 02:43:44

We have been celebrating the long weekend lol. Everyone's gone to bed and im nursing my gin. Am I the only person on the planet still awake?

Champagneformyrealfriends Mon 02-May-16 02:46:05

Feeding my baby-she's 5 weeks old. Have a gin for me! smile

heron98 Mon 02-May-16 02:47:12

I've just got home from a night out. DP is fast asleep. I'm not tired at all and wondering what to do.

meffhead Mon 02-May-16 02:47:47

Sitting in the dark with my disabled son while he goes back off to sleep!!! These sedatives take forever .... Hmmmmm maybe I could try gin???!!

steff13 Mon 02-May-16 02:50:38

I'm awake. I'm in Ohio, it's only 9:49 pm here. My sleep is all off, though; I had oral implants put in Friday, so I've been all doped up on oxycodone and percocet.

Shelleymoon Mon 02-May-16 02:52:00

I've a little gin left. Want to share?

Shelleymoon Mon 02-May-16 02:52:50

Good morning Ohio

steff13 Mon 02-May-16 02:52:51

They gave me a copy of my x-ray. See the implants?

Shelleymoon Mon 02-May-16 02:53:25

Whoops. Good evening

Shelleymoon Mon 02-May-16 02:55:16

Ooh yes. That looks impressive Stefff. Hope things settle soon and you feel better

PixieMiss Mon 02-May-16 02:55:36

Another one feeding! My DS is 6 weeks old smile

steff13 Mon 02-May-16 02:57:18

The implants have to heal for six months, then I get the bridge put in. They also put cadaver bone in my jaw. I can't chew anything until I get my stitches removed on Friday.

ImYourWomanJonSnow Mon 02-May-16 02:57:27

I'm lying in bed with a cold, just managed to get rid of the fever with a mega dose of paracetamol. My mouth is dry and I'm dying for oranges. Lovely juicy oranges, what would I give for one now.

MattDillonsPants Mon 02-May-16 03:04:24

Steff CADAVER bone!!!???

shock How do you feel about that?

FirstTimeMummy25 Mon 02-May-16 03:23:16

Another feeding! Roll on shut eye! lol z

steff13 Mon 02-May-16 03:32:50

I was weirded out by it at first, but I've gotten used to the idea. They showed me the bone before they put it in; it was a powder. They took some of my bone and mixed it with the powder and some kind of liquid antibiotic and put it all in there together.

G1raffe Mon 02-May-16 03:39:13

I ant sleep. Woke up with a nightmare sad

Hey steff13 Ive had a few implant type operations .... i hadnt realised what the powdered bone was though! I assumed it was synthetic.... Hope you recover soon.

EchoOfADistantTide Mon 02-May-16 05:15:38

I'm here. But then it's 9.15pm Sunday night for me so I haven't gone to bed yet.

1lov3comps Mon 02-May-16 05:25:29

I've been up since 3 with 2 yo DS. He does this weird insomnia thing a couple times a week where he just can't/won't sleep. It's the reason I'm up to level 215 on candy crush though (clutching at straws for positive to this!!!)

auldspinster Mon 02-May-16 05:44:36

Checking in, spent the weekend with horrendous cramp and v heavy period, went to loo an hour ago and mirena plopped out. Got appointment with ooh gp at 8.30.

EchoOfADistantTide Mon 02-May-16 05:54:04

Bloody hell auldspinster, that sounds awful. I hope your appointment goes ok.

Backpfeifengesicht Mon 02-May-16 06:12:12

I'm sleepless in Seattle right now. Alright it's only 10.10pm here but I have a case of the Sunday evening blues sad I've had the Sunday evening blues since I was in primary school, I don't think it ever goes away...

gingergenie Mon 02-May-16 07:10:31

Hi! Awake here too. Kids away with their dad. Can I sleep. No! I crave lie-ins and then I have the chance for one and I can't! Is there any gin left?

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