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To be such a wimp!

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Flapjackninja Mon 02-May-16 01:09:29

Sat in my living room with next doors music blaring through the walls. DD is trying to sleep on the sofa because the music's even louder in her room.

I feel like such a wimp why can't I pluck up the courage to tell next door to turn it down.

I feel like my DD is thinking mam why aren't you sorting it out and I'm just sat making excuses.

I know its not a police issue and environmental health won't want to know til Tuesday.

I know its not really an AIBU but thought I'd get the most responses here.

MrsTerryPratchett Mon 02-May-16 01:30:36

Do you know them? Like say hello? Party or just them?

MattDillonsPants Mon 02-May-16 01:34:49

Call the environmental health team up. What time is it in the UK? I'm in Oz

giraffesCantReachTheirToes Mon 02-May-16 01:36:53

Someone up the street is blaring music here too

Flapjackninja Mon 02-May-16 01:43:56

Hi no don't know them as such say hello that's about it. No not a party unfortunately just the 2 of them flicking through music channels by the sound of it. Find a song they like and turn it up a bit more!

It happens quite a bit to be honest makes me feel on edge just waiting for it to happen. Just feel such a let down to my DD its the first time it affected her.

Flapjackninja Mon 02-May-16 01:58:24

Its 1:45 in the morning here and its finally stopped! Yay DD is off the sofa and back in bed! I need to pluck up the courage to knock tomorrow or mention it in passing when we do say hello. I just hate confrontation.... Neighbours the other side of them have previously had police out because of them so might just ring environmental health as they may already have a file. Least get my concerns recorded for when it happens again.

steviewonderful Mon 02-May-16 02:08:46

gives me the fucking rage, when will arseholes like this realise that invading someone's space with noise is as bad as invading it physically.....worse really. It's great that the other neighbours have complained already, if you complain to something might actually get done as the authorities have a lot more power when it's not just one neighbours word against anothers
The law should be stronger on this issue and punishments should be so harsh that they're actually a deterrant, you shouldn't have to be defending your daughter against this kind of crap in this day and age.

GoblinLittleOwl Mon 02-May-16 07:53:43

Go round and say politely that you wonder if they realized that you could hear their music through the wall and it kept your daughter and you awake until 1.45 am. If they become aggressive, then contact Environmental Health, Noise Abatement etc,. at least you have asked them to keep their noise down, so they can't plead ignorance.
Agree other people's noise is a huge annoyance, and there should be far more severe, and quicker, penalties.

Joolsy Mon 02-May-16 08:13:56

If they seem like nice people they will listen to what you say and hopefully take it on board. Just be polite but to the point.

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