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To think that a cat doesn't actually need a name?

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moussakka Sun 01-May-16 15:41:55

I've unintentionally adopted a stray kitten recently, who is lovely. I thought about giving him a name, but actually on reflection, it seems silly. He doesn't care or know the difference, and it just means that I have to call out something when letting him in. People have told me that I should name him, but it seems silly. He doesn't care. I would actually feel ridiculous calling out 'Harry' or whatever, from my doorstep. It's a cat. I don't have kids btw, so this doesn't impact any little people. (If I did, I'd let them decide on one). AIBU?

RatOnnaStick Sun 01-May-16 15:43:15

What will you call out when letting him in then?

Toffeecrispy Sun 01-May-16 15:43:45

My cat answers to her name, if you cant think of a name just call him kitty

moussakka Sun 01-May-16 15:44:18

Well I just sort of make a noise, and sometimes say 'puss puss'.

BastardGoDarkly Sun 01-May-16 15:45:04

Of course he needs a name!

MilkTwoSugarsThanks Sun 01-May-16 15:45:19

Just go with "Sir", or "Your Worship", or "My Liege".

moussakka Sun 01-May-16 15:45:22

I'm a responsible cat owner, and he is a very content little kitten.

TheSolitaryBoojum Sun 01-May-16 15:45:31

It will be interesting to see if you can keep it up, people seem to have an inherent need to give things names. You may find that he ends up being called 'Cat'
I'd be fascinated by an update in a month or so. smile

NeedACleverNN Sun 01-May-16 15:45:31

Every cat I've ever had has responded to their name

BastardGoDarkly Sun 01-May-16 15:45:45

Making noises and calling puss puss is equally 'silly' no?

moussakka Sun 01-May-16 15:45:58

@ milktwosugars haha!!

RatOnnaStick Sun 01-May-16 15:47:06

I guess he's called puss puss then wink. My Grandad had a cat they just called moggie. It was never an actual name but actually, after 10 or more years, it was her name, just by virtue of being what everyone called her out of habit.
Is that the kind of thing you mean?

Marmitelover55 Sun 01-May-16 15:47:06

What will the vet put on his vaccination certificate??

UpWithPup Sun 01-May-16 15:47:14

I think you need something. Even if it's just Cat or Kitty. So he knows when you want his attention.

MakingJudySmile Sun 01-May-16 15:48:12

My cat response to his name. Sometimes he even comes to me. He will always react to his name; even if it's just to responsed with a 'whatever'.

RatOnnaStick Sun 01-May-16 15:49:52

The vet thing can be got over by just picking a name for them but you don't ever have to use it do you? My cats get various nicknames depending on how pretty or annoying they're being (pattypaws, lion, fatso, shitbag, pickle, etc).

albertcampionscat Sun 01-May-16 15:50:26

But naming cats is fun. There are such a lot of magnificent names that you can't inflict on a child, but everything's fair game with a cat.

Methuselah/ Habbakuk/ Gary...

thebabydances Sun 01-May-16 15:51:33

My old cat was called Neko (Japanese for cat) grin

moussakka Sun 01-May-16 15:54:06

@bastard it's just that cat noise you make (like sucking the teeth or something. we always had cats as kids and that's what we did. although they did have names). And I just do the generic cat thing of going 'puss puss puss', although it's not his 'name'. I do that to all cats. I don't think it will confuse him. When he's in the house I just say whatever to him - helloooo gorgeous etc. It's the tone of voice? I don't feel it makes any difference to him at all. I did toy with different names, and it all just felt silly. He will never speak English or care.

OneMagnumisneverenough Sun 01-May-16 15:54:17

Yup, he is now called Puss Puss (or the weird noise but good luck with spelling that out at the vets). grin

Seeyounearertime Sun 01-May-16 15:55:10

I name everything, even my cars have had names.

OneMagnumisneverenough Sun 01-May-16 15:55:52

My DH had a cat when he was a child that was called Mother, When found as stray it had a litter of kittens so she was Mother Cat, shortened to Mother. I think it got confusing sometimes.

sallysparrow157 Sun 01-May-16 15:57:05

It is a strange concept when you think about it. Animals definitely do learn to recognise the noise that you make when you're talking to them - if you have 2 dogs they will know which one you're talking to when you make the noise that means that one rather than the other one and even my tortoise definitely recognises his name. But on the other hand the sense of self and identity that a name gives you is a very human concept - it's just a noise that people make when they want your attention but if for example you are transitioning to a new gender, even though you could argue that being called Bill means you're a bloke much less than having a penis does, changing the name you are known by is a pretty big deal - more so to people you see every day than changing your genitals...

Can you tell I have something really hard and important to do and I'm procrastinating?!!

But back to the cat - even if you don't deliberately give it a name it will come to acquire one. Terry Pratchett's Granny Wetherwax calls her kitten 'you' in an 'oi, you, get off that' kind of way. It becomes named 'You the kitten'.

moussakka Sun 01-May-16 15:57:08

@Ratonnastick yes exactly! I sometimes call him 'little prince' because that's what he looks like at that moment, or 'mister', or whatever, but I don't feel the need to officially name him. It just seems unnecessary for a cat?! Not because I don't love him (I do), but just because he's not a human and it's not necessary.

vixsatis Sun 01-May-16 15:57:24

Just because he hasn't told you his name doesn't mean he doesn't have one

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