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re Exh & birthday cake

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Blossom591 Sun 01-May-16 11:34:32

Ds birthday today, arrangements made in advance,
I did a birthday party at home for 10 friends Saturday morning (bloody hard work on my own but all went well)
Ex collected him for sat afternoon.
This morning he comes over as arranged so he could see him on his actual birthday, all fine but ex just hanging round & then said when are we having the cake?
I've made a second cake to take down to my family this afternoon for tea but I didn't think to do another for him coming (that would be 3 I'm not Bloody Mary berry) but now he's being all passive aggressive moaning about how I've robbed him of a chance to sing happy birthday blah blah
I'm so sick of this shit, he's the same ex who slept in my bed if anyone remembers that
Should I just have made another sodding cake? Why can't he just enjoy the few hours with his son rather than pacing up & down & blaming me for stuff

Cakescakescakes Sun 01-May-16 11:35:38

He is being unreasonable.

MunchMunch Sun 01-May-16 11:36:49

Tell him to nip to the shops and he can buy ds a birthday cake

FayKorgasm Sun 01-May-16 11:36:50

Why didn't he bring a cake? Tell him to feck off.

HSMMaCM Sun 01-May-16 11:36:50

Ask him where it is. He could have brought one. Didn't he want to sing happy birthday then? Why is it your job?

rubberducker Sun 01-May-16 11:37:08

If he wanted cake he should have supplied his own, he could have picked one up in a supermarket for a few quid - YANBU!

dementedpixie Sun 01-May-16 11:37:26

Yell him if he wanted a cake then he should have brought one with him!

dementedpixie Sun 01-May-16 11:37:50


SmokyJoJo Sun 01-May-16 11:38:39

Sounds like he was just looking for an excuse to act like a dick & make you feel uncomfortable. If you'd made a cake he would have had a tantrum about something else. What a nob.

attheendoftheday Sun 01-May-16 11:38:42

Definitely his responsibility to provide one!

Pinkheart5915 Sun 01-May-16 11:38:48

I don't think you should of made a third cake.
Couldn't he of attended the party yesterday to see the cake?
Or surely he could of brought a small cake of his own today and had candles?
So today is his ds birthday and he's moaning over a cake why not just enjoying seeing his son

Pinkheart5915 Sun 01-May-16 11:39:45

Agree with munchmunch tell him to pop to the shop and get one.

TheWeeBabySeamus1 Sun 01-May-16 11:41:43

Why didn't he have do a cake/party tea yesterday when he had him if it's so important to him?

YANBU - you aren't together anymore and your ex needs to realise that he has to arrange his own stuff ( like cake ) for special events as they are no longer joint.

Ilovenannyplum Sun 01-May-16 11:41:48

Tell him to go and buy a cake!

Tiopyn Sun 01-May-16 11:41:58

So he moaned that you didn't have a 3rd cake for his benefit. How many cakes did he do?
I could understand if he hadn't realised you'd already done it a different time, and be a bit disappointed, but certainly shouldn't moan as it's not your responsibility to make sure DS has a cake for ex's benefit

DoreenLethal Sun 01-May-16 11:43:13

Can he take him out for cake somewhere?

coconutpie Sun 01-May-16 12:18:01

YABU. He can buy his own cake. I wouldn't be letting him inside my home at all after the sleeping in your bed incident. Tell him to leave.

FuckSanta Sun 01-May-16 12:20:05

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Thingsthatmakeugoummmm Sun 01-May-16 12:35:11

Get over it FuckSanta. Surely the content of the message more important than having the grammar police comment!

Costacoffeeplease Sun 01-May-16 12:36:39

Are only mums allowed to buy/make cakes? Knob

HeartsTrumpDiamonds Sun 01-May-16 12:40:07

"When are we having the cake then?"

"I don't know, what time do you want to do it? Where's the cake you brought?"


Coconutty Sun 01-May-16 12:40:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FrogFairy Sun 01-May-16 12:54:24

Well he could have shown his face and helped out at the Saturday morning party or did a mini tea party when he had ds.

Cheeky fucker.

DailyFailAreABunchOfCunts Sun 01-May-16 13:14:17

'I haven't robbed you of anything. You has him yesterday, you could have bought him a cake and sung to him then. Please stop moaning - I am not your Mother and it is not up to me to keep making arrangements for you.'

Then change the subject. But you know what you actually need to do is to stop having him in your house. If he asks then simply say 'no'. End of discussion.

RaeSkywalker Sun 01-May-16 13:17:29

Tell him to get a flipping cake!

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