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To think what the RSPCA have done is completely out of order.

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HelenaDove Sun 01-May-16 01:57:21

.............not to mention bloody heartbreaking. This was totally unnecessary.

KoalaDownUnder Sun 01-May-16 02:25:49

What a pack of arseholes.

I feel sick. sad

HelenaDove Sun 01-May-16 02:28:26

Koala it actually made me cry. I love animals so much. sad

Slackalice42 Sun 01-May-16 02:31:10

I agree how awful! Sounds like the sister caused some of it though.

Ditsy4 Sun 01-May-16 02:33:46

That is appalling.
As long as the sheep had water they would have been fine just checked now and again. Hill sheep aren't checked everyday.
Surely they could have arranged to look after them for a week or two.
How heart-breaking to survive meningitis and then come home to that. Poor lady.

Backpfeifengesicht Sun 01-May-16 02:34:28

That's awful! What gave the RSPCA the right? They are a charity not a government agency. Killing the sheep was just horrendous! I would be suing the RSPCA over this, not for money but to make sure they can't just walk into somebody's private property and make a decision like this without checking what family/neighbours may have pre-arranged to do to help. Fucking Hell!

HelenaDove Sun 01-May-16 02:39:41

The very least they can do now is GIVE HER BACK HER CATS.

TinkerbellaPan Sun 01-May-16 02:41:32

God. I'm actually welling up thinking about how sad she must have been when she found out, and how much she must miss them all. She must feel so lonely now without all her cats sad

How did they know to go looking in her house though? Did someone report her? Or maybe she mentioned her animals whilst she was in hospital and they found out that way. That would be even sadder sad

TheFutureMrsB Sun 01-May-16 02:42:04

Absolutely horrible, give the poor woman her bloody cats back! What right did they have to take them and rehome them? None that's what! angry

HelenaDove Sun 01-May-16 02:45:33

Wonder what Cats Protection think of this.

HicDraconis Sun 01-May-16 04:09:30

That's outrageous. Her neighbour had offered to look after the sheep, I'm sure the cats would have been fine with some sort of fostering arrangement. Bastards, utter bastards 😡 I would be beyond furious.

Junosmum Sun 01-May-16 04:55:27

The rspca are despicable. A friend who is a vet worked for them for 3 months, she couldn't stay any longer as she hated it so much she quit, without another job to go to. One day she rang me I'm tears- 40 rabbits had been 'rescued' from a lady, my friend had had to put them all to sleep. She said they were healthy, but the rspca had removed them as a neighbour had complained that the lady had too many and they were attracting vermin (faiir enough) and had told the lady they'd be rehomed!

In the 14 weeks she worked there she told me she put dozens of healthy animals to sleep each week. This included the regular euthanasing of cats that had been at shelters for 2weeks or more (they have a 2 week rule- regime or killed by 2 weeks).

Shinynewbed Sun 01-May-16 04:57:46

I'd blame my sister just as much. What a heartless bitch to do that whilst your sisters lying fighting for her life!! So so sad. If the people who the cats have been re-homed to see that story and have any sort of common decency, or empathy they will surely hand them back. Poor lady.

TheSolitaryBoojum Sun 01-May-16 07:25:16

The sister sounds a vile, spiteful woman. The nurse needs to name someone else next of kin, or it could happen again.

Lighteningirll Sun 01-May-16 07:27:21

How awful

thisisnotausername Sun 01-May-16 07:34:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Janecc Sun 01-May-16 07:37:01

Omg from what Junosmum said the cats may not even be alive anymore to be returned. How can family take such a monumental decision? Despicable behaviour from both the sister and the RSPCA.

GinIsIn Sun 01-May-16 07:42:10

The RSPCA are disgusting. They have got so swelled in their own importance that they've lost all sense of their true purpose to protect animals. More than 70% of the animals they take in are put to sleep.

They have a policy of taking the animal first and asking questions later, often when it's too late, even on something as tenuous as a single complaint from a malicious neighbour. Bastards!!

StealthPolarBear Sun 01-May-16 07:43:36

I don't understand why they killed the sheep? What was their justification?

froubylou Sun 01-May-16 07:44:52

The rdpca are cunts.

They removed my nephews pet rabbit last week as his cage was too small. The rabbit was a house rabbit and only in the (standard sized) rabbit cage because my sister was bleaching the floors in the house.

They were only at the property because someone had reported that they had a thin dog who was always outside. They have a whippet who uses the cat flap to sit on the front garden waiting for my nephew to come in from school. Sister was in such a flap she signed over the rabbit without arguing even though she explained why he was in the hutch. His food and water bowls were in with him so they said she was lying and would prosecute for cruelty if she didn't.

BettySpaghettiHasLostHerHead Sun 01-May-16 07:48:15

This is a daily mail article. Daily mail people.

We only have half a story - what shape were the sheep in? They may have been riddled with maggots for all we know. Same with the cats. Bless that old lady but cat care can be hard - being her age and on her own perhaps things had slipped further than she had realised.
The RSPCA have handled this very poorly BUT they re-homed the cats rather than had them PTS.
I've personally seen some cases where the RSPCA has not only rescued animals from terrible, terrible conditions but also taken the cases to court to prevent people who ill-treat animals being able to own them again.

Juno - don't get me wrong, I'm sure there is unnecessary euthanasia but a) what the hell business does anyone have, having 40 rabbits at home b) what on earth were the RSPCA supposed to do with 40 rabbits?! No-one would want them, they wouldn't survive in the wild, the money that is spent on keeping them alive for however many years - well personally I would rather that was spent on rescuing and rehoming a dog who was being beaten by its owner (or in the case I was involved in, kept in a garden shed because the owner thought she was 'a little bitch' - not in the dog sense - whilst her other 8 large dogs were in the filthy 2 bed terraced house and shit- filled garden).

The RSPCA makes mistakes no doubt but they have a hell of a job and this sort of daily mail frothing at the mouth article belittles the huge amount of good they do getting animals out of unbearable conditions.

Pseudo341 Sun 01-May-16 07:48:32

It's in the Daily Mail therefore assume it's bollocks. They'll have picked their angle, cherry picked the bits of information that support that, exaggerated/distorted them to make them even more supportive, and left out masses of vital information that doesn't fit with what they want to believe.

IfTheCapFitsWearIt Sun 01-May-16 07:52:29

The RSPCA are a joke, they are all to happy to take healthy little pets away. But anything more complicated and genuine destress they do fuck all.

There is a woman who keeps a complete cripple of a horse in pain every single day, some days it can't even get up. The horse has been reported by vets, farriers and other owners. For *FIVE YEARS*angry

neonrainbow Sun 01-May-16 07:58:56

Having experience of the rspca this is one daily mail article i will believe. That poor lady. If some of the cats belong to a charity then they should be returned to that charity. Rspca are only interested in cases where they can prosecute.

MidniteScribbler Sun 01-May-16 08:26:53

The Australian RSPCA are no better. There're a bunch of dangerous idiots who have far too much power. I've been involved with dog rescues that we've actually got the RSPCA on record as saying they're not interested as there's 'no money in it', meaning, they can't use it for a campaign to get people to donate. I refuse to donate a cent to them, and won't buy any product endorsed by them either. Bunch of fucking criminals.

Years ago I moved on to a property and there were two horses left behind by the previous owners and in very bad condition. I rang the RSPCA and they refused to come out and seize them, then said that if I didn't get the vets out that they would come and prosecute me for animal cruelty. I paid for the vets, food, farrier, the works to try and help these horses, then the previous owners showed up and demanded their horses back, and the ARSEPCA said that I had no legal right to them and had to give them up. Fuckwits.

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